Rescue Journal

We just lost Phil.

Alison  ·  Sep. 19, 2006

I woke up at 4 am to his crying and rushed him into the vet. It was gastric torsion and it came out of no where, he was sound asleep in the kitchen, the last time I was up. Due to his age and underlying health issues and in discussion with the vet, we elected not to do the surgery. He was in agony and I couldn't bear to let it continue. I am so sorry Phil.



I think you did the right thing Carol. He had a great month with you, not left in a shelter , all alone. He was a lucky boy to share your house and your bed.

Chris Thomas

Carol you absolutely did the right thing. He was sufferring and the surgery would have caused him more pain and suffering. It was his time and you respected that. Phil trusted you to do what he needed you to do when he needed you to do it.


you wonder because you care so deeply for your children Carol. Letting go is always difficult and your face that every day. Not only with the children you care for, but also the people you take care of at work. You are a healer and sometimes that means feeling as if you could have done more, you did all you possibly could have. Embrace the Love that surrounds you, in the end that's all that truly matters.


rae is bringing down his windchime this weekend. it was a terrible night and totally unexpected, but he is free now. i am second guessing my decision to let him go, but i asked the vet point blank...if he was her dog, what would she do...and my gut my head wonders.


Oh, Carol, I am so sorry to read of Phil's passing. Last night when looking through the new photos, I, like Chris decided another rekindling of friendships old & new, was in order. The beautiful picture of Phil is so expressive. RIP beautiful boy. Sending special thoughts your way Carol.
I think Mo is right that your Dad was there to take Phil gently from you, to a place where together they will be forever young.

Chris Thomas

I am so sorry to hear this Carol. Please take care of yourself today. Is there anything we can do?


You can't predict when these things will happen, you were there to help Phil during his crisis. He knew that, and in a way you rescued him twice my friend.
You are the childrens comfort.


Poor old Phil.... he was sweet old man. That is such sad news and it is so distressing when animals are in pain. Hugs to you all, Lisa


Go with peace & know that you were loved Phil. Phil & I had a great play romp in the yard on Sunday, he was acting like a young dog & I thought he was going to be O.K.
Carol I think your Dad did change his mind & he came last night to help Phil cross the bridge & meet up with the others waiting there.

RIP Phil, I'll miss you


Poor, poor, phil Phil. To have to have ended your days like this. All the best to you where ever you went.


Oh Carol. I'm so very sorry to hear about Phil's passing. I was looking at his picture last night along with the rest of the September photos to put the new names with faces. Thinking that I should plan another visit down before the snow flies to meet the newbies and hug old friends. He was so very lucky to have found you. Thankyou for being there for him. I'll light a candle for him tonight when I get home.


Rest in Peace Phil you were such a funny old guy and gave the best wet kisses!!!! I'll miss you.


Oh no! I am so sorry....Phil may have had an issue with Saul, but he was a nice boy, a dignified old gent with an expressive face. Last night he sat with that precious upturned face watching me for ages as I sat in the kitchen with Pippa - just watching, appreciating the occasional scritch behind the ears or rub under the chin.
Run free, Phil. You were special and you'll be missed.