Rescue Journal

bill and peter and some of the others

Alison  ·  Sep. 21, 2006

bill is good...happy to be home...seems to be his normal self...he was very upset to have missed the field runs today (i told him it was mo's fault!)

peter actually got to his feet, wagged his tail and kissed me in greeting when i got home from work tonight. he BRIEFLY barked a few weak barks when i was on the phone to get picked up.

daisy has a swollen face...grhhh...i started her on antibiotics and will need someone to help me pry open her mouth tomorrow to have a look.

ozzie is a happy go lucky roll-a-holic tonight, winston (the donkey) is in a bad mood and murphy has decided that instead of biting me, he will lick my fingers off instead.

and here is the funny for today...eva called me at work because she had lost saul, she had looked everywhere for him and wanted to know if someone had taken him out for a sleep over (i don't know anyone brave enough for that, they would need a hummer to move him around)...i am not sure how she missed the 120 pound monster but he was sound asleep in front of the washer when i got home. i think eva needs her eyes checked!


Chris Thomas

I will bring subs! I just sent a note on the list. Let me know what you want and I will get it made to order.


Well, since I don't even know if I'll be there, Rae's off the hook for feeding me. But if I arrive and smell french fries, Pippa and Bill and Peter and all the rest will have to share. The cheeseburgers they can have -blech!


they want cheeseburgers and french fries or timbits, they like those too AND a 40 pack gives ALL the dogs two! you'd have to bring more to feed jean too.


Okay I'll bring enough for all. It might not be cheese burgers and french fries but I will bring FOOD. See you tomorrow!!


Mo, the bells wouldn't work on Saul's collar anyway - he never moves!!! As for the daisy hat, Rae, that made me laugh out loud - put a daisy on Saul and he wouldn't fit in the house!! That is one tractor-sized dog. No, I think we'll just have to spray paint him a very bright colour - he obviously fades into the lino at the moment.
Rae,I have a rule in my classroom that applies to garage sales: If you're bringing food that smells good, like french fries or popcorn, you have to bring enough for EVERYONE!


Glad to hear Peter has perked up a bit, he may have a few more poofs in him.

How in the world can Eva misplace the largest dog at SAINTS... ?? Perhaps he needs those bells on his collar - NOT !!!


No Saul just needs his own daisy hat then you won't be able to miss him.
I'm glad Bill and Peter are doing well. Can I bring them McDonald's French Fries and Cheese burgers on Saturday?


I'm so glad to hear the boys are up and around! Hopefully Daisy will be back to herself soon too. :-)
And thankyou for the funny! Poor Eva, but it was cute. :-)


Now that's the second time Eva has "lost" Saul. Maybe we should buy him one of those bright yellow reflector jackets that road crews wear - extra large of course.

Glad to hear Bill's okay and everything is pretty normal (LOL) at Saints tonight.