Rescue Journal

Early morning barn moment

Alison  ·  Sep. 21, 2006

I kicked everyone out of the barn after their breakfast this morning, Baby Jack likes to finish his meal with a scratch against the gate, so while I am closing everything up in the barn I hear the familiar rattle, rattle of the chain against the aluminum gate. All of a sudden it becomes a frantic crashing against the barn and i run out to find Baby Jack under the gate which he had knocked off the hinges with his head thru the slats frantically bucking trying to escape. he was going to break his neck flailing around like that. I yelled at him STOP!!! and he sat down, he is such a good little sheep. Carl stood by and watched as i lifted the gate off of Baby Jacks head, once he was free, Carl's head went down and he chased that poor little guy full speed across the field. I have never seen either of them move so fast. Carl was pissed! Baby Jack dived underneath Gideon and stood looking at Carl who was staring right back at him. Gideon just continued to pick away at the hay like nothing had happened. I think Baby better stay under Gideon til Carl forgets he almost killed himself. Apparently Carl takes his guardian role very seriously.



Well, I'm glad Baby Jack's okay - in retrospect, it is pretty funny!!! That Carl - has to keep the troops in line.
Sounds like the resident handyperson better have a look at those hinges and see if we can't change them for something that Baby Jack can't get off so easily!