Rescue Journal

Let's not get too excited yet, but....

Alison  ·  Sep. 22, 2006

Potato Ed is out on a two week trial. I really like his new maybe family alot and they liked Ed alot too. He cooperated and showed both his Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde sides, he is kinda like two dogs in one!! We will see what the next couple of weeks brings and if Ed can thrive and survive outside of SAINTS. Fingers crossed that everyone will fall in love and live happily ever after.

Less exciting but of no less importance is the new arrival of Edna the bald little chicken (sadly, she is not as cute as a little bald eagle, because they aren't really bald and she is.). We tried her with the nice chickens and Helga and Rusty weren't all that nice, I think they objected to her featherlessness, so we moved her into Hanks house and are waiting for him to wake up in the morning to find that his fairy god mother has brought him a girl friend. He better be nice to her cuz there ain't no second chances with girlfriends, and a nice little bald girlfriend is better than being alone with a cranky old self.

We have the beginnings of our new rabbit room started, not too sure if we can afford to finish it but we will get it as far along as we can. Once it does get done, the rabbits are going to love it, and will have large indoor paddock areas and lot's of room to run and play. Plus it will free up another room in the shelter so everyone else can have a quiet space when they need.

And tomorrow is our big garage sale, I hope we sell lot's of stuff so we can finish the rabbit room. I am not doing the sale cuz I tend to tell people just to take things if they are really nice so once again I have been banished to floor mopping duty inside the shelter where I can't get into trouble. I hope someone remembers to bring me a donut, those guys out there might eat them all and not save any for me.



Good Grief! Ok, I just need to hold it together, I'm gonna miss Ed SOO much! But he does deserve the best home ever! I made a coat for him and was going to bring it for him today! I'll bring it just in case you do see him again. I certainly do hope he's happy!

Dare I ask what horrors befell this poor bald chicken? The poor little dear (and ps. I AM a vegetarian)


Good for Ed!!! (Or Ed the Psycho as I call him!) Julie knows I always said he was the sweetest l'il dog so long as you dont let him near any other critturs! ;-) Hope it all works out and good luck with the sale!!!


Yay Ed! Hullo Edna! we need a score card to keep track of the comings and goings.
Fret not Carol, I'm sure there will be a donut or three for you. You can have one of mine. hee! or a cookie.. i might bring a cookie...


Aw, we'll bring you a donut, Carol, though you'll have to share it will all the dogs. However, you'll have to fight me for Deb's brownies!

Edna was one impressive feisty female (just what I like!) when her small bald little self stood up tall and proud against Rusty - she wasn't going to take any crap from Him. Dealing with the Queen Bee Helga was another matter, but Queen Bees are always trouble.

Good luck Edna - you tell Hank to mind his manners or you'll give him what-for!!!

And I hope Ed is loving being in a one-animal place, getting tons of cuddles and bellyrubs, and having a chance to show what a great friend he can be. You deserve a home of your own, Ed. There's a marshmallow inside that fierce exterior.