Rescue Journal

Busy day at SAINTS

Alison  ·  Sep. 23, 2006

I missed most of the visitors and i missed one of Deb's brownines cuz i was trying to eat it when my spoon broke and it flew into the air and Jazz got the brownie before i could even blink. I am going to try that again later. I am sorry i didn't get to talk to Rae, or Chris, or Jackie or Donna or anyone else that I missed. That kind of sucked. But the garage sale stuff is all cleaned up, the laundry is all done (gawd, that stunk!!), and all the floors are finished too. I think it was a good day, Kathy is supposed to let us know how well we did.

Four of the dogs left this afternoon, Buddy and Sissy went to Melissa's, Ozzie and Honey have moved over to Nicoles. With the adoptions of Rocky and Ed this week, it sure is quiet here right now. So many wonderful animals have finally gotten a chance for something better. Still I was sad to see them all go and move beyond me. I am selfish at times too. Well, I hope everyone's dreams are going to come true because it is the dream that keeps us going. Take care little friends.



Don't be sorry Melissa, the fact that they have another human who really " sees " them and loves them is the next best thing to a home.


Im SO sorry, it really sucks because I love those little buggers, I romped around my living room with them for a little bit and they were so cute playing and wagging their tails. (Sissy seems to enjoy jumping on Buddys head) But in the end I couldn't keep my cat locked up in the spare bedroom forever (though I was so mad at him it was tempting) And I didn't want to hurt Buddy and Sissy by making them think that this was their new home so it was with a few tears and a heavy heart that I had to bring them back to Carol. I really am sorry.


that must have surprised them, they are usually doing the chasing, etc.
thank you Melissa, for seeing value in two, little itchy chis and for trying to give them an opportunity most people wouldn't have.


Buddy and Sissy are back, Melissa's resident cat decided he did not want scratchy and itchy chi crosses in his house and attacked them so they came back to saints where they can move around without danger. It was worth a try Melissa, don't worry, Buddy and Sissy have the fireplace and whatever I happen to be eating at any given is not everything that makes dreams come true but it is ok for now.


You almost had one fewer animal than you intended. I turfed Frodo out of my car just as I was leaving, and then my cell phone rang. After spending quite some time talking to each of my siblings, I finally started backing out of the driveway. It's a good thing I looked in the rear view mirror 'cause sometime while I was on the phone that darn cat had snuck back in and was once again stretched out sound asleep in the back!

It was a good day. I always enjoy hanging out with Saints volunteers and Saints critters. Copper had a good run in the meadow with his daisy collar, Phoebe unintentionally had a good run off the property and I once again got to fetch a dog home from the equestrian centre (that's where I first met Copper on my first trip to SAINTS), I got to meet Mike from the Post (which prints the column the animals write) and many other SAINTS supporters. And we got rid of a ton of garage sale goodies.