Rescue Journal

update on my yesterdays meltdown

Alison  ·  Sep. 24, 2006

things are looking up...the sun is shining, ( if it isn't going to pour down rain, the shining sun is the next best thing) there was very little mess this morning (please understand the very little is a relative term around here) AND eva is letting me come and have a shower at her place today. i just know that once i am clean i will feel so very much better!!! i am so excited, i won't be icky at the beer garden tonight!

does anyone know how to get a blind, deaf, and mule headed rotti out of the kitchen? she has parked herslf in front of the brownie laden fridge and won't leave.



she probably can't make any more, i still have the spring form pans from the last two...i keep forgetting to give them to chris! (they are very safe and sound in the cupboard tho)

jazz is out of the kitchen, she joined us out in the back yard for the picnic and then she forgot about the kitchen and just went to bed with everyone else. she is a good girl even if she is a mule.


Cheesecake? Excellent idea - can you bring some right over, Deb? Those marvellous homemade ones, of course.


"does anyone know how to get a blind, deaf, and mule headed rotti out of the kitchen?"

I think it'll take a cheesecake.


I'm consoling myself up here making a quadruple batch of butter tarts... I'm sure my hips will not be thanking me! lol


stop calling it a beer garden, it's just a picnic and I'm not going to be missing anything. right?


I hope all works out for Poppy.

Yea a nice sun-shiny day & the perfect day for a SAINTS Beer Garden celebration. We are saying good-bye to summer & welcoming in the fall season.


You tell Jazz she's gonna have to fight me for those brownies (hmmm....unfortunately, I've seen Jazz fight and I think she would win!).
And I'm going to bring my own utensils to your place so they don't break and toss my brownie into the air for Jazz to catch!!!
But she can share with me tonight, as long as she doesn't break into the fridge and eat them all first. Don't let her join forces with Copper today - isn't he the one that can open fridge doors?


I find with Spike (my parents Jack Russell) if I want him to move a little well placed cat food does the trick^_^ (or cooked brocolli, his fave) but you might want to try lunch meat?


i haven't had the shower yet rae, i am joyously just anticipating it...oh, and i just got an email from on again off again poppy...apparently he is off again, a relative is taking him. the family is aware that he is permanently off our incoming list now. the doors are locked and barred. we are down to 19 dogs and we are going to drop significantly further before another one gets in the gate.


Wow, talk about determination good thing Jazz doesn't need to go on a diet. That would be fun to try and enforce. It's amazing how much better the world looks after a shower and a good nights sleep huh Carol. Have fun today!!!