Rescue Journal

Roller coaster rides at SAINTS

Alison  ·  Sep. 27, 2006

Panda's bloodwork is back and Colleen said for an FIV cat all his organ functions are amazingly good. Anyway, since his heart and kidneys are fine, it was safe to give him another steriod injection to reduce his mouth inflamation. It was probably pain that was making him a bit nutty at night as his urine is clear too. So Panda will hopefully be on an upswing for awhile now.

Peter has decided to further complicate matters by getting just a tiny bit better. he is brighter, and perkier and more interested in what I am up to today. Daisy for a dog with a mouthful of cancer looks pretty darn chirper today, I guess the antibiotics are removing the infection part of the disease process, and the pain meds are helping her to feel better too. Sooooo.....what to do??? hmmmmm.... Well, if they stay like they are today, it isn't time yet. I think I will take them into the vet on monday and get Colleen to look them over as a pre-euth check. If she thinks they are fine for awhile and I won't put them in danger of a middle of the night crises by pushing the envelope too far...well, i guess we will be able to just hang out and eat cookies for awhile more.

Sometimes I feel like we are balancing on a thread...someone once told me, I didn't need to micro manage down to the second the absolute right time to help them to pass, intellectually I can believe that, but my heart doesn' heart believes too soon is murder, too late is cruel. Maybe Peter and Daisy could cooperate a bit by just not crapping out and scaring me in the first place.

Oh and new on the list of let's freak out Carol critters today, is Saul...he is quite weak for the past 24 hours and is having more difficulty mobilizing and getting up, esp. today. It probably didn't help that he spent most of yesterday laying on the cement underneath the picnic table...that is his very favorite place to sleep. I have upped his mobicox for a bit.



I understand the dilemma over the "timing" for Peter and Daisy. I am facing the same thing with Isaac - one moment I think it's time to make arrangements with Colleen because he seems to be in pain, is wheezing, and is falling down, and then suddenly he's running around the grass like a pup and snuggling up to me quite happily.
Part of the dilemma for me, and I think for you too Carol, is that we would like them to be able to pass at home - and that means booking in advance. If we wait too long, then we face having to help them pass in a clinical and stressful (for the animals) setting.
I'm glad to here Panda's results were better than expected, and that at least for today Peter and Daisy are feeling a little better.
Hopefully Saul will be back to normal soon - we'll know he's feeling better if he makes a run for the gate when it is open - I've never seen a dog that size move so fast! LOL


It must be difficult especially with everyone having different symptoms and different reactions to the pain and the meds. What is severe for one animal could be a minor reaction for another. That's why the fact you know each one so well, and are so wise is an important factor. I'm sooooooooo.... glad that things are looking a little bit brighter today for all of you at Saints. Sounds like alot of cookies are in order and perhaps more Brownies!!!! I'm hoping it's just the colder weather, the dampness,and the cold cement that is making life a little tough for Saul today. I couldn't believe what a BIG boy he is, more like a small horse than a big dog.

Chris Thomas

You will know when the time is right Carol. With the Chunk I had no doubt. She was fine and then she was not. I knew she needed to go the vet right at the moment. You have known for the others too.