Rescue Journal

Saul is down

Alison  ·  Sep. 27, 2006

he is out in the front yard and i cannot get him up again. not even mr. christie peanut butter pirate cookies are moving him. i can't find the sling and he is too freaking big, heavy and awkward for a sheet...grhhh!!!!!!! we now officially have a 80 pound limit on crippled dogs!



hey!!! that's right...maybe i want my own cabana too!

(with a chaise lounge)


...and Carol gets a piece of a bed shared with peeing dogs and drooling cats.
Sounds like the inmates have a cushier life than the one running the asylum! LOL


he is good...we needed one of those "easy-ups" shelter things for when we do events so i bought one today. i firmly believe in multi-task/multi-purpose so we are setting the "easy up" over his favorite cement pad, covering the cement with foam pads and making him his very own "saul-port". he may as well have the use of it in between events and i won't get so frantic if he refuses to come in at night.
sigh,..... the pig has quilts, toys and a patio and the dog has his very own cabanna with yoga is tough being homeless.


Saul is up and motoring, apparently he is in fact a mule headed stubborn oaf.


Everything is piling on you all at once isn't it... the children really do need to learn to cooperate. No more getting sick! No more dieing! I'm home pretty much all day today if you need anything my friend.


i am up and moving this morning and so far Saul is not.
thx nicole...that sling is useless for him anyway, he actually has to be willing to try to get up for the sling to be of any help. i think Saul has decided that getting up just isn't worth the effort anymore, i don't think this is just a bad couple of days for him anymore, i think he has made up his mind to quit the game.


not like it helps now, but i think the sling is in the area by the door, on the shelving.


yes Carol, next time you should have someone help you, a back put out is painful and no good for you.

And we all know you mean those things in a very fond and worried manner, Saul is such a lovely oaf.

And Jean, I'm trying very hard to think of something that might get Isaac to settle for you.

How is Saul this morning?


Carol, how are you and Saul this morning?
Maybe you should have called me to come over and help move the oaf.....I was still wide awake trying to get a pacing Isaac to settle (which he never you and I can both be grouchy and mean today). Wanna trade? One Saul for one Isaac?


never mind, he is in and don't ask... neither one of us is happy, he is a stubborn mule headed uncooperative crippled monster dog and i am just plain mean (but he was NOT laying out there all night on that cold damp cement.)i think i hurt my back, we both better be mobile by tomorrow.