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So...Phoebe is famous

Alison  ·  Sep. 29, 2006

I guess the column she wrote was published this weekend and she has gotten her first call. A nice lady wants to come and meet her, not adopt her, but meet her. She said Phebes sounded like quite the character and she is coming next week to meet the noisy little princess. First Copper, now Phoebe, why is it the ones who give me a headache that gather the fan clubs... Once they start with the fan clubs they thumb their noses at my threats to kill them because know they are safe and their adoring public will protect them. Well, the adoring public does not have to listen to their squealing, schreeching demands when the service around here does not meet their exacting standards. Famous dogs are a pain in the neck.



Cool Cole is going to have a swarm of fans who go for that bad boy/tough boy gangsta-wannabe. Cole is James Dean in beaten up doggy form.....Rebel Without a Clue, er a Cause, yeah, a cause. He'll leave a trail of broken hearts, that boy.


lol...i couldn't remember esther's name (and i named her) so i called eva before i posted!!! sometimes i will look at one of the dogs and say "what the heck is your name again?" menopause sucks.
first there were dogs, then cats, then rabbits, then sheep, ponies, chickens, ducks, pigs, donkeys and finally a llama...each new species is fascinating and unique, each individual of each species is fascinating and unique too. we have lot's of time to get to know them all. the new bunny room will make it easier. and we can put name tags on their gates too! i wish marilla was still here, she was the best rabbit fetcher in the world. you'd have loved her. she'd toss the toy right back at you. and she was so kind and accepting to clover and maple when they came. she was a great, great rabbit....amazing grace...that was marilla.


Carol, I am truly ashamed that I didn't know the bunnies and piggies had names!!! Yes, I will have to spend more time with them and get to know them. But soon the critters will have to wear name tags, 'cuz I still can't remember all the cats' names and now I have to add bunnies and guinea pigs to the list of names to remember.
Just don't start giving names to the flies in the dog room, okay?




My name's Phoebe and they call me the Red Whirling Wonder. I like that! They say I'm a German Pinscher, but I think they must mean German Princess. I am regal. And I get blamed for everything around here.

Is it MY fault if I throw a fit when someone disturbs my beauty sleep by moving MY blanket? Doesn't a princess deserve to have at least a blanket to call her own? Yet every time I tell those uncouth peasants to buzz off, I get in trouble.

And then there's the whole Copper and the stupid daisy thing. Copper ASKED me to take it off. So I grabbed his silly foam daisy collar, gave it a yank or two, and off it came. I was being helpful and Copper was happy. I don’t know why those humans got upset. In fact, the silly woman who made the daisy collar to stop Copper from having a bit of fun did not talk to me for a whole week! I was just being nice, for dog's sake, and do I get so much as a thank you? No!

I am the prettiest dog here. I am in great shape and I give great kisses. I can run like a gazelle. I have the shiniest most gorgeously soft red coat; it feels like satin. You should see the moth eaten crew of old and wrecked characters I have to live with. I am a princess and everyone else should just get used to it. I am special and they are not.

For more information on Phoebe and the other animals at SAINTS (Senior Animals in Need Today Society), check out the website at


eva named them after the boys, the boys liked that! and of course the little piggies have names, sheesh! you better spend more time with the little critters, copper is hogging you all to himself.
and speaking of the little guys should see Gracie, i spent some time with her today, and while her spine still sticks up way too much, she looks great (for her), almost like a real rabbit! O'Grady is a jerk, Eva has to wear gloves to clean his cage, Thumper is a sweetheart and so is Esther, and that is a not so subtle hint that the new bunnies have names and want to be known too! once the rabbit area is done (our handy guy got a better paying job so we are on hold for a bit) and they have actual paddocks so we can go in and sit with them, you will be surprized at the whole new little critter world that will open up for you. there is NOTHING as fun and softly moving as playing fetch with a rabbit.


LOL - for a minute there I thought you were trying to get Eva's grandkids adopted!!! I didn't even know the guinea pigs HAD names.


maybe it is the words "adorable" and "adoptable" together that is the problem. Lexie is adorable but she is old and crippled and eats houses during storms, Murphy? ok...he alternately bites and licks, he is currently as we speak licking and then nipping my foot (he is just wierd plus he is old), i am not sure that we have any cats that don't drool, pee, bite, or need meds, Hank is a psycho...but maybe Rusty, Helga, Pleeze and Jerome might pass for adorable and adoptable as long as someone is willing to adopt the whole darn family cuz they all really like each other...oh, wait, i know...Colton and Brandon!!! they are cute, and young, AND healthy and they don't bite! ok we have 2 adorable and adoptable guinea pigs! whew.


Thanks Caroline! Can you put Phoebe's column here too?
Looks like the Post just HAS to go electronic! Tell Mike to get with the times (no pun intended!)

And I was sure we had one or two adorable, adoptable animals, Carol. But maybe adorable and adoptable are in the eyes of the beholder. Lexi? - nope, she'd me devastated if she had to leave you. Maybe Murphy? Or some of the cats? A rooster or two (well, we could TELL people that Hank is adorable and adoptable, couldn't we?)

Caroline (mcjd), wife of Post editor,lol

There is no web version of the paper yet, so for now I'll copy it for you down below. Cole took up the pen this week and had lots to say!

( if you want a copy of the paper, you can email the editor at:

My name is Cole and they call me "The Cop". It is my job to keep everyone in line and safe. I am kind of a serious guy and I admit I don't have a great sense of humor, but I know about life.

These human women here are a bunch of lunatics. They think life is all warm and fuzzy. I came from the streets and I know how dangerous life can be. So while they run around in their airy fairy world, I guard the gates.

Right now I am on guard with that new guy Saul. That is one tractor-sized dog. He is big and I don't trust him. The humans get mad at me for riding his butt, but trust me if that monster goes berserk we are all in trouble. I think he is just pretending to nice and quiet and safe. I think he is a time bomb and he knows I am onto him, too.

I also train the junior troops. That nice boy, Andy, is weak. He needs to grow up and be a DOG. If I can keep those women from coddling the little bugger, he might actually be able to one day stand on his own four feet.

And that little blind, one eyed General Ed is a bit of a problem. I think he has lost his mind somewhere in the trenches. He once was a good commander but now he is just a pain in the neck. He is so little (and blind) that he can't really hurt anyone anymore but I do try to keep everyone out of his way.

It is a tough job up here keeping everyone safe and following the rules, but I do the best I can despite those brainless and trusting humans.

For more information on Cole and the other animals at SAINTS (Senior Animals in Need Today Society), check out the website at


ummm jean? which adorable, adoptable animals do we have? am i missing someone?


Actually, I think Phoebe's column ran last Friday - Cole should be the media star in today's Post. So be prepared to field calls from HIS groupies!

Maybe if we let some of the adorable, adoptable ones write a column or two, we'll find homes for them.....but they aren't half as talkative as the troublesome ones.

I think Saul may need to write a column soon. We could use a whole fan club to move him!!!

Baby Jack is next week, but I hear Petunia has some interesting things to say!


Bastard Beagle and Phebes have groupies!!! We can all say "we knew them when...." Don't worry Carol, Copper and Phoebe won't forget you.....or the other little people.