Rescue Journal

Accupuncture Day

Alison  ·  Sep. 30, 2006

Dr. Patrelli came out and spent more than four hours giving and prescribing treatments for Ozzie, Cedric, Saul, Daisy, Lexie, Michael and Peter. I am bushed, she must be comatose by now. Michael decided to liven things up by sitting quietly in the middle of things and leaking blood out of his urethra, that pretty much guaranteed him some special attention. It came out of left field, I had just finished telling her that except for his arthritis and cardiac disease, he was pretty darn healthy. Most animals get miraculously better as soon as the vet shows up, Michael decides that since the vet is here anyway, he might as well get sick. I guess a simple vomit wasn't dramatic enough for him. Everyone was pretty good, except Cedric was not all that impressed. His shoulder is very tight, and she gave us some stretching exercises to do that he won't like much either. Everyone has another long list of new meds and herbs, we just doubled the med load. Phoebe skreeched for most of the full four hours, that was a long time for her not to be the center of attention and she made sure we knew she was choked. Hopefully everyone sleeps well tonight because I could use the rest.



Wow 4 hours, accupuncture marathon ! Our dear little Peter with no more poofs , I'll be sure to spend extra time with him today. He is such a stoic little man & if his time is drawing near , I will be strong & not beg him to stay a while longer, I will whisper that it is O.K. he is loved by many & has made a real difference in some of our lives, mine being one of them.

I'll be giving extra hugs & cuddles to everyone today


they slept well and so did i...whoever is up here today, extra cuddles for Peter, he doesn't feel great this morning. i wish i could stay home from work and hold him all day. i don't think patrelli found his last magic poof, mo.