Rescue Journal

Peter and Daisy

Alison  ·  Oct. 2, 2006

I have decided to keep both Peter"s and Daisy's appointments tomorrow as scheduled. I don't want to do this, I want Peter on my bed every morning when I wake up for a long, long time. And Daisy's little tilted happy face as she good naturedly toddles around is a great thing to see each and every morning too. She is such a good dog. Tomorrow is going to suck.



Thinking of Peter & Daisy , wishing them a soft passing full of love & treats & a wonderful greeting at the bridge.


I really do wish i could be there for you and the children tomorrow. Will check in on you later in the day.


I'm so very sorry. Please give the little man a hug from me and one for Daisy too.
Will be thinking of you all tomorrow.
Hugs to you too my friend.


i read an article at work today (human) about how in hospice/palliative care, we define a "good death" was fairly lofty ivy tower research based paper, but basically it sited 5 key components from our patients perspectives:
an absence of fear
trust in ones caregivers
validation and recognition of personal value and life experience
participation in the decision making process

i can ensure these guys have the first four things, but the last item i am never too sure that i get right all the time.

i know peter is ready, i am still struggling with daisy. we will see where the struggle goes tomorrow.

anyone is welcome at anytime to attend any of their passings. sheila/leila (which one said it???) is right, it is a celebration and an honor guard to salute their passings. all life is precious, all life has value and all life deserves to be marked as it passes away.
we forget how very precious and miraculous life really is.


A good death is a special gift, Carol. I wish you had more time with Peter, since you are not ready to let him go, but once again you are putting the needs of someone you love over your own needs. Both Daisy and Peter will leave feeling nothing but love and acceptance. All dogs, all living creatures should have that kind of passing.

My heart is with you. If you need moral support tomorrow, I can come to Mission.


I'm so sorry Carol, at least you are strong enough to make the decision thats right for them, and not just what you want. They were lucky to have you in their lives.


If i don't have to go take my Cecilie to the vet I will be there for you tomorrow my friend.

Chris Thomas

Sorry to hear this Carol. You carry a very heavy burden. Making these decisions for the animals at SAINTS is your last gift to them. Take care of yourself and let us know if we can help in anyway.


So sorry to hear this Carol.... Hugs to these sweet dogs and to everyone who knows and loves them.


Peter, Daisy and you will be in my thoughts tomorrow.

With the love you gave them, you made a huge difference in their lives; and they have made a huge difference in ours. They will be very much missed.


It is their time, I left yesterday feeling quite sad, I realize that they all will pass eventually, and I'm happy that they are not ending their life alone & afraid...but I'm selfish & now I love them & don't want them to go .


It is definately going to suck. Please give them each a hug and a kiss from me.