Rescue Journal

Peter and Daisy are gone.

Alison  ·  Oct. 3, 2006

Thank you Leila and Kathy for being here and helping them on their way. I sent a note off to the mom of Daisy's previous deceased lady, I hope they meet up together on the other side. Daisy really loved her. And Peter, I will carry you forever inside me, you are and always will be my little man.



Carol, the thanks go to you in having had the willpower to capture your dream. Last night, by candlelight I read a story for my feline family in honour of Peter and Daisy.
Hugs and love to you my friend.


thank you everyone for all of the kind thoughts and words of support. peter and daisy and all of the others here move all of us in different ways. they each become someone special to somebody around here, they touch the hearts of our friends, our saints family of caregivers and visitors alike. at the end of their days, with their last breath, they meant something, their lives and their selves had meaning and value and they know this. our end goal for all of them is to find them a true home and family of their own. if we don't reach that goal, we give them the best we can which is the best of all of us, each and every person who walks thru our gates. we collectively become their final gift. thank you.


Carol, my thoughts are with you tonight. Thankyou for letting me visit when I did so I got to meet them both. And thankyou for putting Peter in my lap that evening. I will never forget them. I'm just home now from a work dinner meeting in Vernon. I read your post at work today and I so wanted to light candles for them tonight, but its very late now so I hope tomorrow will be okay for that.
Thinking of you.


Goodbye sweet Daisy and tiny Peter, you will be missed because you were loved. Carol I am so sorry, saying goodbye to two loving friends in one day has got to be difficult. Take Care,
Love, Rae

Caroline (mcjd)

you are in my thoughts and so are the SAINTS. You have done the most loving thing in the world,loving them, making them feel truly loved as you do with all the SAINTS and then helping them cross with dignity and love.


I'm sorry I couldn't be there with you today my friend. You are in my thoughts.

Chris Thomas

I am so sorry for your loss Carol. I know how much you loved them especially Peter. Take care of yourself.


My thoughts are with you, Carol, and everyone at Saints. Lots of love, be good to yourselves today!!


rest in peace, little wheezy peter
and daisy, you will be missed, who will keep the big dogs in line?


Thanks to all three of you, and to our wonderful vet, for helping them go gently to the bridge.



Carol and SAINTS, I am sorry to hear about your losses. Daisy was a very special girl - such a friendly disposition and trusting. Peter and Daisy were lucky to have your home and your unconditional love. Wish I could be there to take you out for supper or just to give you support. You will meet them again some day and they will be whole again. Take care - hugs