Rescue Journal

Michael is such a freaking toad sometimes.

Alison  ·  Oct. 4, 2006

Saul is minding his own business, trying to have a drink of water when all of a sudden Michael spies him next to the precious food bowl. Michael throws a bird, he scrabbles across the room in his twisted sideways forward gait, shoves his face right into the side of Saul's giant head, and starts his snarling, barking nagging routine. Saul just keeps drinking. When he is done, he turns away and goes back to lay by the door. Michael who is not finished yet, follows him, standing over top of Sauls head, snarling and dripping enraged saliva like some kind of satanistic baptism. Saul is patiently looking at me from between Michaels legs with his chin on the floor, waiting for him to just go away. I sent Michael outside where he continued to rag on everyone currently trying to have a pee, and finally let him back in when he frantically started licking the door. He ran right past me, didn't even say hi or thank you, back to the food bowl, barking as he toddled away and stood staring into it's overflowing abundance. I am sure I could hear him counting the peices,,,5436, 5437, 5438...I bet he was a cheap miserly nasty old scrooge in his previous life. He is lucky he is a super cute, twisted, old dog, I think he is pretty funny, but if he was human,...hmmm, what was I saying the other day about guns and violent thoughts?



Michael..counting the pieces...5436, 5437. 5438..

OMG, that is so funny!!! Thanks for a great laugh - that sounds SO like Michael!


Michael is such a crabby old fart! If he were a lil ol man he would be rapping his cane on all available surfaces! When he's not doing the crabby thing, he has that feel sorry for me look. Woe begotten Michael... silly dog.
Saul really is a patient sort of guy, sometimes though he has about him the look of I could squash you if I sat on you but its such an effort to actually do the moving then the sitting so I will just lie here and pretend you don't exist.


I guess I know what Oliver will be like when he gets old. Oliver meet Michael - take a look at yourself in the mirror. When Oliver and I go to obediance class, Oliver keeps his eye on the water pail (very large pail too might I add). Barks, cries, generally disrupts the class until he can get to the water pail then will try to drink the whole pail in one go so NONE OF THE OTHER DOGS CAN HAVE SOME. I usually drag him away and then he will spend more time staring at it and bark at any dog who goes near. Oliver is not interested in doing obediance - he just keeps his eye on that pail. What a freak. I finally had them move the pail on to the other side - then he spent all his time trying figure out where it went. I think we should never ever put Oliver and Michael together. Michael might pass on some of his tricks to Oliver. Mmm what would Oliver be like as a human - shudder, shudder.