Rescue Journal round out an almost (not) perfect day

Alison  ·  Oct. 5, 2006

SAINTS welcomes Honey, a senior diabetic cat whose family's infant daughter is seriously allergic to her. She is currently residing in a large wire kennel in my bedroom since Suzie won't give over the bathroom yet. And I bet you are all wondering exactly how I fit a large wire kennel in there in the first place...neccessity is the mother of invention. Anyway, Honey did not have alot of welcoming offers from other shelters, let's face it, fourteen year diabetic cats are not all that adoptable so in the end we wlecome her here. Please find some comfort and peace here Honey and rule number one is do not worry me!

ok 2 more floors to wash and the barn to clean and i am one call here now, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel!



I think Honeycat is an adorable name (besides, Nicole of the Honeys makes it sound like she's running a brothel ^_^)

I'm sure Honey will be ok soon, she didn't have as tramautic an introduction as Suzie.


See...all you have to do is recruit new volunteers with names that comes before yours in the alphabet....then you tell them Nicole's simple rule. Problem solved.


clever jean, i'd love to take another, especially if I could use that reasoning, but i don't think that'll fly.
everyone should have a Honey, i believe they should go to the volunteers in alphabetical order, so that means Jean you go first!
oh, wait i forgot eva, she can have the next one.


I like that last one Jean! Yes! Nicole of the Honey group. Ok lousy title.. will work on that.
Sigh.. another little kitty...
Hi Honeycat. :)


Ah, welcome Honey. Guess we better call her Honey-the-cat so our conversations about Honey don't mix up Honey-the-cat with Honey-the-dog.
Or we could set a precendent and just send any animal named Honey home with Nicole.