Rescue Journal

is anyone free the next few days???

Alison  ·  Oct. 6, 2006

the vet wants spritely's leg soaked in a bucket of warm epsom salts....tried it last did not work all that well.. it would be easier with two people, i will be home after 5 pm tonight, and tomorrow (and maybe the next couple of days) i think i am on afternoons so mornings would work good.

last night i started worrying about maybe bone destruction from years of chronic inflammation/infection...that thought scared me. i should stop thinking once in awhile and take a break.



I will be there Sunday morning carol, if you need help still, well, i'll be there regardless


we are soaking the hoof and hosing the leg, we are on water restrictions so just a few minutes of gentle hosing at a time....bloodwork is back, all is good no sign of systemic infection.


she still is not great, a bit better but still low...waiting for the vet to call with the blood results.
i forgot all about dinner already jean...mmmm! now i remember!
we can soak her whenever anyone is there since it looks like someone will be around most of the weekend.
thx everyone!!!


If you think you need me I can come this evening, I will also be out Sat & Sun . If need be I'll drive out every night next week as well.

I've soaked many a hoof.... but how in the world do we soak a leg ? That will be one large bucket. I've E-mailed my friend who was going to send me those wraps , and we can start doing that in the evenings as well. Poor girl... does she seem a bit better ???


I'm there tomorrow to..
If you need me i can be there other times as well..


Oh, and Carol I think you're having dinner at my place tonight - do you want me to come over first to help with Spritely, or we could do it after dinner - whatever works best.


I'm available any time after about 12:30 today, and all weekend except for Saturday afternoon.


i'm out tomorrow around 10 or 11am and i know sheila and mo will also be around then. do you need me to come earlier than that?
if no one else can help you tonight, i can always come on out and bring oz and honey for a visit.