Rescue Journal

Moon madness

Julie  ·  Oct. 6, 2006

Ah yes tis the full moon tomorrow night, and I think my dear children are definately warming up for it. The what's my name? I have a name? Who's this Maggie person? Rebekah? My name's Rebekah? Is any body home in there?! Then there's the cats.. all a wee bit jumpy! Can we focus for just a mintue please! Apparently not. I know! Cat nip! always good.. yup, we like catnip! Hey even the dogs like catnip! If they wont settle on there own then yes I'm all for getting them into a nice stupor of really good catnip. Man that's good nip... wow that's like really good nip. Like nip.. wow.. like you know nip... Nip faced!

Maybe I need some cat nip? Or a nap.. I'm going to bed...

I think..



My pootins madness was just centred around an old box.... Much too small to curl up in, but they both managed it in turn. Just remembering the day when Lee unpacked some big amplifiers at work and I felt this almost uncontrollable urge to jump into the box and curl up. :-D Silly me!!!


ah yes the never ending bark... our neighbours dog did that very loudly until after midnight. Good Charley for managing to ignore Isaac that way.
Carol's children crazy? naaaaw! hyper yes, eccentric definatly, noisy you bet! but crazy? naaaaaw... nope, never.


I think the moon madness has already started at my place. Isaac has been barking (in the strange raspy woof of a deaf dog) continually for the past half hour, mostly at Charley who patiently ignored him and finally just headed back to bed.
Around Saints, I don't think it takes a full moon for them to act crazy...that seems to occur on a regular basis! LOL