Rescue Journal

The vet just left...

Alison  ·  Oct. 8, 2006

he is so good, he came on a non work day, took his time and helped her because she needed it, he was here forever trying to find a vein somewhere in that tree trunk of spritely's leg...he finally found it so she got her injection directly into the area. while he was here i mentioned that gideons eye is swollen each morning but opens up during the day, no discharge, just this lazy half closed eye. so he had a look and low and behold, gideon has a corneal ulcer in there. i have had lot's of cats come in with corneal ulcers and you would have to be blind to miss that something is seriously wrong...apparently horses are not the same...sorry gideon, i am just not that horse smart yet. anyway, he will be treated now, and i had the vet draw off some extra blood for a geri panel, might as well get a heads up in case gideon is hiding any other secrets.

both of the horses were great little troopers and very cooperative. thx mo and melissa for helping them and the vet get thru it all.

and just in case anyone has forgotten...phoebe is a noisy, nosy, little busy body. why can't she get a bad case of laryngitis??? i won't treat it if she does either.



People need to hear about the bad as well as the good, otherwise they think they are getting something that they aren't and thats when the dog comes back and is more confused and hurt than ever. I think its good you tell it like it is, it protects the animal and the person.

Chris Thomas

Ok!! Leila? Are you up for it? Perhaps you could both do one and then we could combine?


lol chris, the problem with me doing the write up is i have no filter...i tell her like she is and all the worst parts too and everyone laughs and says no thx!...maybe leila can do it...she knows and understands her, she can make her write up more appealing


so far ed is doing great, bernie has really bonded with him and apparently they are the best of friends.


Hey after one-eye blind, General Ed .. I'm a firm believer that there is someone for everybody. We all know how truly special Phoebe is & she just needs that break that comes in the form of just the right person.

The horses were amazingly good for the vet, both Gideon & Spirtely can be pushy ... but they were as good as gold.

Chris Thomas

I think we need to go on a campaign to get Phoebe adopted.There has to be someone out there for her doesn't there? Carol can you do a great write up for her and I will flog her on brindle and see what happens?