Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Oct. 9, 2006

Many years ago (+-13?) I lost our family cat. She was a torte and white named Calli Cat...i had found her as a juvenile at a gas station, rushing to each and every vehicle searching for a friend. She found me, and she was an incredible cat and we were the best of friends. One weekend I went to visit my parents, when Calli was about 4 years old, my teenage son had a party while I was gone, and Calli got out and we never saw her again. i did all the newspaper ads, and posters and visited the local shelter several times a week for months. That was how I actually started doing cats, while i was in there, i would take home the ringworm cats and kittens to foster. Back then ringworm was a death sentence. Anyway, I never did ever find my beloved Calli and I have worried about her ever since.

Lola is a torte and white and she is about the right age. But it has been so long, I cannot remember Calli's markings. Lola has the very same outgoing and very special personality as Calli. Back when I had Calli spayed, I did not have her tatto'd, I don't know why i thought saving 20 bucks was such an important thing, but for some reason , I did and I have regretted it ever since.

I don't think Lola is Calli, I don't really believe in those kind of miracles. But gosh, I really wish I did.

Lola will be a very special cat for me tho, I do so hope that Calli found someone to love her.



Lola is a sweet little cat! and very busy! she definatly has the attitude of yes ok this is my space now yup that's mine and that's mine.. she tried to make the guinnea pigs hers today but i wouldn't let her.
Carol if you want Lola to be Calli then let her, stranger things have happened, she just might be!


With the name Lola, she can't be anyting but special. I look forward to meeting her.