Rescue Journal

Petunia Piggy takes a walk!

Jean  ·  Oct. 11, 2006

When I entered the barn this afternoon, Petunia was roaming the centre aisle and about to check out the donkey stall had she been able to figure out how to open the door to it.

When I went in, she took my cooked carrot stick offering, and then walked back down to the other end with me, and stood on her patio enjoying the fresh air while I cleaned the stalls. Her snout was up, sniffing the air with interest.

The donkeys came over to talk with her. I'm pretty sure I heard Jenny say something like "Yo! Pig! Toss us some food, would ya?" To which Petunia replied "Buzz off jackass, unless you can make this itty bitty patio much bigger for me" - at which the donkeys started shaking the patio fence while Petunia snorted and snuffled along the bottom of it in a vain attempt to enlarge her personal space.

Eventually, the donkeys decided they might have better luck breaking in the other end of the barn, and Miss Piggy went to her stall for an afternoon nap.

So nice to see her moving about - she says thanks, Janice!

7:30 PM: Just a further note. When I went back this evening to put the animals to bed, Petunia was fast asleep. But as soon as I came into the barn and started directing traffic, she got up to see what the hubbub was about and suddenly realized there was another end to the barn and the doors were wide open.......that piggy can move almost as fast as Saul used to when an escape route to the big wide world is visible. Fortunately, Spritely took exception to the piggy high-tailing it down the aisle and snorted up a storm from her stall, which sent piggy back to her own end of the barn. Thank goodness!



It is the msot full fulling feeling to see these guys blossum like this , no doubt after years of solitude.. She msut of thought she would die forgotten about unable to see the world, over fed and crippled from neglect.


she was wandering around the barn this morning too...not bad for a little girl who couldn't a week ago!