Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Oct. 12, 2006

that is all it takes to make dreams come true. SAINTS once was a dream inside my head, and day by day, and person by person, and animal by animal, it started to become reality.

Now I have smaller dreams. Right now I can see the new and completed bunny habitat inside my head. I can see our rabbits in large areas with ramps and little houses, and tunnels to play inside. The reality is happening, the new doors and windows are in, the insulation and the walls are up, the electrical is completed and the siding and trim has been finished. Now we just have to paint and build the paddock areas, that's not so much. A couple of days with some willing help, and the bunnies will have the indoor home of their dreams(the outside playyards come next year).

So...I am begging again. November 11th is Rememberence Day, it is a good day to remember that we are responsibile for making the world a little bit better where ever we can. It is a good day to remember that humans once took these bunnies and came close to destroying their lives. It is a good day to finally pay them back and make it right. It is a good day for friends and strangers to come together and work towards a common goal.

Maybe it is a good day to make another dream come true at SAINTS.

We will supply all materials, snacks, drinks, lunch and some awesome and awe inspiring company with our animals. Jenny the donkey will let you kiss her nose, and Carl the Lama will gladly share your carrot, Petunia the pig will gratefully accept a graham wafer, the cats will share your lap, and the dogs will share your lunch, and at the end of the day, a dozen little rabbits will share yours and my dream for a little bit of justice and compassion and respect for a silent little species that waits for us to see the light.

First we imagine and one day it is here.



I'll be there - with tools.

Mo, the Post isn't in electronic form yet, though I suppose we could post what we submitted AFTER it has been published - or would the Post hold the copyright?
Yoo hoo Caroline (waves frantically...) can you remind Mike to send me a couple of print copies each week, so I can pin a copy up on the bulletin board at SAINTS and keep one for displays etc? The only one that was delivered here was Copper's column.


Of course I'm in... reading your post brought to mind the saying... " if you build it, they will come " from the movie field of dreams..we actually don't want more to come, but if they do.... what a place they will have.

How's Gracie ? If I remember she is writing in for the post tomorrow . Is there any way we can get the articles electronically, I missed last weeks.