Rescue Journal

Can someone do a vet run today???

Alison  ·  Oct. 14, 2006

Looks like Honey's ( the cat) bloodsugars are out of whack...i don't know if she is high or low so I am not giving her any insulin this morning and have gotten some glucose into her this morning...she can be a drop off and leave her there to Hillndale vet and I will call and leave them a message to expect her and with the info on her and my cell number....thx in advance whoever can get her in...she needs to be a priority and get in to the vet this morning please.



update on honey...she is on IV's...the vet did xrays and bloodwork....kidneys and liver enlarged (probably was pre-existing before her arrival but the added stress of a new environment at her age certainly did not help.) her bloodsugars are around 17, high but not out of this world. she is not a well cat, but we will see how she is in a couple of days after the IV therapy has had a chance to rehydrate her and what her bloodwork has to say.


julie knows which is honey and she will be here...but just in case she is the golden maine coon tabby sleeping on the blanket in the kitchen...just leave her there jean, the vets will need her for several hours at least to check bloodsugars and re-regulate her..she can stay over the weekend since they will be closed by the time i get off work and closed again on sunday... i will get her on monday. she should be well sorted out by then. thx!!!


I can drop her off around 9:00 - 9:30 AM. If she's ready, I could bring her home again around 11:00 or so - otherwise someone else would need to pick her up.

Will I know which cat she is when I come to pick her up from SAINTS?