Rescue Journal

From bad night to disastrous day...

Jean  ·  Oct. 14, 2006

I came home from visiting my mom in the hospital, to be greeted by Charley dashing out the door the second it was opened and.....silence. No Isaac. Then I looked in the hallway and saw a big pile of wood shavings at the base of the bathroom door. I cautiously opened the door to find one panicky Isaac. Somehow he had inadvertantly got himself shut in the bathroom (the problem of old houses with sloping floors and doors that drift shut by themselves) for the six hours I was away, and he has totallly - and do I mean totally - destroyed the bathroom. The door is no more - he has stripped away every bit of wood on the bottom half of the door except the thin outside panel on one side. Part of the wall is also totally gone. The towel racks are on the floor. The bathroom tissue is shredded. The towels are history. It is one totally unmitigated disaster zone.

Good thing my landlord was out here yesterday and not likely to be back for a few weeks - anyone know a good handyman? This is definitely beyond my capacity to fix.



Carol should see the photos...he rivals lexies destruction of the mudroom last year and coles four foot square attempt to eat thru the wall at the old site...several door stoppers for xmas is a great idea! we can each get him one.


It's amazing the capacity that a frightened dog has to destroy isn't it. That sounds so much like some of the situations I've come home and founds with Fred. Try the used building supply places they might have a door that size.


And at what point did I break down and cry? When I see poor Isaac's blood all over the wall and woodchips from his clawing and biting and chewing. My poor crippled old foster boy must have been frantic.

Sometimes being a dog mom sucks.


chin up...we will get it fixed, just wood, gyproc, paint and for a few days a really great story too !!!


Yes, it's a hollow door (well it was - now it's not a door, it's an opening). But because this is a very old house, it is quite narrow - only 28" wide. I think most doors are 31" now. If the spare one you have is narrow, I'll take it!


hey jean,
georgie did that once, she was in trying to eat cat food and her big tail probably shut the door. thankfully she only ate a bit of the door and cupboards. i think we have a spare door around here, is it one of those thin doors (not wood).