Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Oct. 14, 2006

what interesting things happened up here today?...i missed everyone. phoebe is really sucky, she has been glued to my lap and kissing my face off...makes me think she was a horror today and is now trying to pretend she was good.

oh...and did you guys like the soon to be rabbit room????



Aaahhhhh (sigh of contentment)'s finally raining, Nicole's bringing brownies, and Phoebe has won the heart of yet another volunteer. What more could we need?
(Well....the rabbit....but at least the image of Eva and Carol tearing around the schoolyard in the dark and rain made me laugh out loud!).


Phoebe spent a good part of the morning out with me in the barn, she took off twice, but came back when I called. She was actually a good girl. I think we bonded a bit today, or crossed some threshold, when I went in to visit before I left, she was all kissy face with me, which she hasn't been before. She really is a sweet girl, under all that energy.


eva and i just spent 30 minutes running around the school yard in the rain, hot on the tail of that other abandoned rabbit...we are almost dead and yes, the rabbit got away...crap!!!


i missed today, i figured i would stay home with my two puddle makers. i'll be out tomorrow around 130pm and i'll be bringing some of those brownies from m&m.
it's bucketing here, is it finally raining in Mission?


The rabbit room looks great - nice purple paint job! I took a quick peek inside when I picked up Honey - I see the primer coat has been done. It's nice and bright and cheerful - the bunnies will love it.