Rescue Journal

Desperately need to hire....

Alison  ·  Oct. 15, 2006

four hours of animal sitting on Halloween night...5pm til just after 9 pm. I am working and some of these guys cannot be left alone with fireworks happening (we are right next to the school so i am assuming it will be bad). lexie alone will destroy the house, she is fine as long as someone is with her when she gets scared. i cannot get the evening off, too many nurses with trick or treating kids. and the volunteers all have their own freak outs at home....anyone available?????



Better yet, we could stick dogs and cats in their loot bags.
Phoebe goes first.


We could always hand out adoption applications instead of Reese's Pieces.


lol...hope not cuz i am not stocking candy...the last thing i need is a repeat of coppers previous halloweens thievery tricks. that beagle can eat 10 pounds of candy in an instant, he swallows the wrappers whole, it saves precious time to skip the ripping open step.


Okay, I'll bring you dinner, then. Poor Cole, I wonder what goes through a dog's mind when those little explosions happen one after another. My MacKenzie is terrified of firecrackers, we'll be drugging her again this year, it's just too hard on her kills me to watch her panic. I'll make sure all the SAINTS, canine, feline, equine, porcine, sheepine, bunnyine, fowline, llamaine (okay, I know those are not words, but I folded after porcine)are safe and sound. Do you expect any trick-or-treaters?


ahhh are a sainted one! and lol, don't bother with dinner, just wander around, blast the tv's and and keep the troops calm til i get home, then we'll eat cookies! cole will be glad to have you here, apparently last week someone was setting off firecrackers and he was pretty frightened.

Chris Thomas

Deb will volunteer to this. I have just spoken with her on the phone. So not to worry it is covered for you.