Rescue Journal

apparently, i have an over active imagination

Alison  ·  Oct. 18, 2006

(or maybe right now, i am just gun shy)....i came home for my dinner break and took the dogs for a quick run. Spritely and Gideon came up from the bottom pasture and Spritely kept following me around ( she usually ignores me) and turning to keep her belly right in my face. i mean right in my face, like 4 inches away from my nose. Spritely was trying to tell me something about her belly i am sure.....anyway, i finally noticed it was huge! so i started thinking OMG, she is bloating, maybe she is going to colic, she might die while i am at work tonight. so i phone the vet and beg a visit and he agrees to pop by later and look at her. i put her in her stall to wait for him and went back to work. i started thinking, gee...she actually looked pregnant, her belly looked like it had a big baby in there....nah...maybe? i called Mo to find out the gestation period for pregnant horses (11 months) and when they start showing (7 months) and count back to Spritely's arrival here (6 and a half months ago!) OM double G!! she could have been pregnant when she got here. i phone the vet back and tell him my theory and ask him to check her for that too. he came, and Jean was his assistant (she thought the internal exam was slightly gross) and Spritely is not pregnant and her belly is fine and my imagination is in over drive. just as long as my over active imagination does not get sick or give birth in the near future, i can easily accept being mistaken. whew.


Carol guys are missing the point...i heard her and almost correctly too (ok i need to work a bit more on accurate translation but i was in the ball park...i got the belly part right!) i just need to define and refine this a bit more...wonder what she will have to say tomorrow?? lol...this could be fun.


she had a 20 pound poop this morning...i ain't never seen such a single big took four forkfuls to pick it up...she was too telling me about her belly, it was full. i am a horse listener!


Oh, I don't doubt she was telling Carol something. Probably "I need a carrot" or "I'd like to go in the barn now" or even "thank you for being my friend and taking such good care of me". But it sure wasn't "I'm pregnant" - thank goodness!


I think she was telling you something and good on you for listening. Looking forward to hearing more on her messages as she plays them out.


hey, she's the one who brought her belly to my attention...i was minding my own business and just out with the dogs for a quiet, late afternoon walk. and before she started with the "look at my belly" crap...i was actually focus'ing on Moses who really doesn't look so hot tonight. if she hadn't distracted me, it might have been Moses getting up close and personal with the vet. i will look at him closer again tomorrow. right now he is sleeping.


Ummm...Carol? Spritely didn't think the internal was particularily pleasant either...she says next time your imagination goes into overdrive, exercise it on one of the other critters.
I'm glad she seems to be okay, though....and I'll be eating my words if there's anything wrong with her in the next couple of days...or months.