Rescue Journal

that lovin' feelin' transcends species

Alison  ·  Oct. 20, 2006

The Fruit Loopies have this singular lovin' button that gets turned on the second there is any warm and fuzzy feelings floating around here. Even shy little Sunny comes running and schmoozing on my lap when his two brothers start purring and rubbing and making me do the embarrassing baby talking thing. So tonight, Mango is hanging out in the kitchen along with Lexi, Tyra and Cole. And the three musket-canines are into sucking up and getting as many cuddles with me as they can. Mango, big dog lovin' or not, feels the irresistible pull of some heavy duty lovin feelin's goin' on and he is not about to be left out. He is beside himself rubbing against Lexi, then Tyra and then Cole. He is butting his head against their faces, walking underneath their belly's, purring up a storm, he is in a feline frenzy of utter happiness and feeling good. He is a lovin' feelin' sponge and completely unbiased as to species too!