Rescue Journal

tonights funny

Alison  ·  Oct. 20, 2006

so i hear this really pathetic crying coming from the dog room and go rushing in just as an equally concerned Andy rushes in from the sunroom. We both converge on Copper who is sort of laying on the edge/rim/halfway down the slightly tipped over side the big dog basket up on the blanket box, he looks like a tri-color beached whale with feet. Andy stands up on his back legs with his front feet on the box and is trying to peer into the basket....Copper is crying because apparently his butt was itchy and he was gamely trying to have a go at it but he no longer bends very well in the middle so he fell over and got wedged between the basket and the wall. i really think that beagle needs to go on a diet before he hurts himself.



Oh Copper! You are worth the price of admission (a few hours of volunteer labour?) all by yourself!

Let's see, there are two ways to lose weight - eat less or exercise more (or preferably, both). Getting Copper to eat less is probably not an option since we free feed. So that means he needs to exercise more. Any of the new volunteers who can take him on walks more frequently than I can? Or put his daisy on him and supervise him while he looks for escape routes in the meadow?
Or Maybe there's someone out there who doesn't free feed, loves walking, and is crazy enough to foster him?