Rescue Journal

i was just thinking....

Alison  ·  Oct. 21, 2006

about limits and how everyone's are different. we put limits on everything...the numbers of animals we will take in, the types of animals that we feel we are appropriate to help, how much we are willing to share of ourselves with others, what are the lines we do not cross in terms of our beliefs, our standards, our ethics and our own personal behaviors. And because I am aware of these different limits, I try not to have expectations of others in how much they are able to give here. It is funny that once you stop expecting a certain amount, how much actually flows in here. Eva popped by in between her grandsons football games to tend to the bunnies still out in the shed. Jean and Mo spent most of their day here today working to make things nicer and safer for the animals. The dogs had a great day helping Mo in the barn and taking the odd fun break down to the pond. They were tired and content to lay around and keep us company while Jean got at cutting up those downed trees and while Mo and I pooped and scooped the field. Kathy is at home sending us emails about things we need to take care of and Sheila and Leila are in charge of making like a kazillion samoas to help pay the vet bills. Nicole had Ozzie to the vet and then drove another 30 minutes further to stop in and say hi to all the animals and scoop up some more poop while she was here. Caroline and Mike and their friend Sue(?) came by with Tim Bits for the dogs and some special "keep Boo happy" food.

This is a group of people who come here for one reason only, because they truly care about the SAINTS animals. There is no nastiness or unkindness to each other here, just a common bond of giving to those who need us and who in return teach us how to be the very best that we can. I have been to other shelters where staff or volunteers are one against the other. I have seen in the rescue world the same kind of in fighting and conflict. I rarely see this in my paid job and I never see it here. And today, which was such a very good day, made me thankful to be surrounded by people whose limits and standards and ethics and beliefs are all in harmony with my own. They may be slightly different, but they are able to soften and blend here to make things work.I have always believed that it takes an army to change the world. The SAINTS army, may be small, but it shines.



I have to agree with "anonymous"...I am so relaxed while there, knowing the critters are happy and the people are happy...most everything happens happily :)
Carol, I feel so fortunate to be able to laugh and/or cry while reading your stories and me it's like sitting in the room next to you comfortably cuddling with one or more of the Saints all jockeying for postion...then curling up with Cole as my pillow and Copper as my "head board"
Huge hugs from the Island!!!


I think when you make your beliefs, values, and ideas be known people just naturally rally around when they feel the same way. Even from a distance I love hearing what's happening it makes me feel like I'm apart of it and it feels good. No politics, no anger, no judging, it's all about the animals and the people who care for them. Saints is a very healing place, and not just for the animals.