Rescue Journal

the importance of food

Alison  ·  Oct. 21, 2006

jean and i had a late lunch at Rocko's (which now advertises free range/organic chicken and beef on their menu, YAY Rocko's!) i shouldn't be hungry but i am. and sadly we are in a cookie crises as i ate the last of the girl guide cookies yesterday. i did manage to find an icky granola bar and a chocolate pudding cup tho. anyway, i zipped in to give jess her antibiotics and by the time i got back into the kitchen, Tyra was licking the icky granola bar's empty package, whatever, i hope she enjoyed it cuz i didn't really want it anyway. i popped open the pudding cup but it tasted not so i fed it to michael and he liked it so much that he ran away with the spoon. since i was out of juvenile food options, i decided to be a grown up and make a cup of tea, i dribbled in the last of the baileys (which is a grown up drink also) so even tho we have no mr. christie peanut butter pirate cookies, i am pretty happy with my baileys and tea and tyra was happy with her granola bar and michael enjoyed his pudding. so we are all happy in the food department....but the guys who didn't get anything are kind of choked.



Carol you have to get some of those Halloween treats, mini chocolate bars you've got to love them!!! You can have 5 different chocolate bars and life is good. All of the Saints would love them!!! We go through bags of them before Halloween even gets here!


LOL - see, I should have given you some of that soup I made yesterday - a crockpot full is plenty for you AND the critters (and my dogs loved it, probably because it's nice and garlicky).
However, even though I have a cupboard and a fridge full of food, my "dinner" was almost as strange as yours - a can of Red Bull, a cup of coffee, and an apple. Can you tell I was trying to stay awake and accomplish some paper work ? Didn't work - I ended up sleepily surfing the net instead - the caffeine will no doubt kick in right about midnight.