Rescue Journal

Another awesome day at SAINTS

Jean  ·  Oct. 22, 2006

The barns are clean, the dead trees are chopped up and stacked behind the shed, the grounds are pooper scooped, the dogs got to run and play in the fields.....and the rabbit room paint job is finished and looks WONDERFUL!!! Mo, Carol and Crystal taped it off while I ran home to take care of my dogs since Carol and I were going to make a quick trip up to my rec property to winterize it. When I got back, Mo and Carol were painting the zig-zag edges. Carol and I decided to "just finish this part" before leaving. But once that part was done, it was just too tempting to see what the whole room would look like, so we pulled out the rollers and went to it - green on the bottom, zig-zag yellow stripe mid way, blue on the top, another zig-zag edge with yellow above - grass, sky, sun - when we pulled off the masking tape, it was PERFECT! We are so excited - such a sunny, pretty, restful yet vibrant room for the bunnies.

We never did get to my place, but painting that room was way more fun than playing with plumbing in a trailer. Next step: put the stall mats down and build the dividers and gates.

King Frodo supervised throughout the painting marathon. Do you suppose he thinks this is to be his own private domain?