Rescue Journal

good morning everyone

Alison  ·  Oct. 22, 2006

i am worried about what kind of day is shaping up here.....romeo had WAY too much canned food last night, yuck and there is no sugar for my tea..yuck again. there is honey out in my van, but i left the van out near the barn last night which is too close to the donkeys to even think to try to sneak in and grab the honey without feeding and letting them all out first. and besides the whole point of hot sweet tea in the morning is to get me moving. if i have to do the barn first, then i am already moving and tea is no longer a critical issue.

i did discover who is the bed pee'er (besides jack and harrison) is panda again. i spent a half an hour yesterday answering an email about a sick cat peeing inappropriately in the house...when i was finished i realized i might as well have been writing about panda. anyway, i upped his pain meds, made a point of cuddling him on my lap before we laid down to sleep and voila! no pee'ing on the bed last night...i should take my own advice more often. it worked like a charm.

busy day today...all the regular stuff plus i need to go and get some supplies, get the dump run done AND i want to start painting the rabbit room today too (simon was in the driveway last night...i bet if all the rabbits were in that room, he'd have come a bit closer and hopped right in the door to visit.) he is the last of the wild white bunnies bred on this property and i really want to get my hands on him before he developes a relationship with the female brown domestic dumped one we are after too. if there is time this afternoon, i might go with jean to winterize her recreational property today too...that would be a nice fall outing.

the dogs are all still sleeping, lazy sots, i bet their bladders are pretty full...they better wake up BEFORE they have a crises! and i guess tea or no tea, if i actually get moving here, they will wake up and follow, they always do.

hope we have a good day and everyone else does too. Good luck on your move to your new home today chris and deb, may peace and happiness abide with you both.


Chris Thomas

YOu will have to come by and visit next sunday. We take possession after 12 noon!!!


ahhh...wrong week...well save the good wishes for next sunday because by then i might forget.

Chris Thomas

Thanks Carol. We move next Sunday - the 29th. I hope you have a great day!


Hmmm...guess I better get my lazy butt over there and help with those chores (and finish the chain saw massacre of the dead trees) if I want some company on that trip this afternoon.......sounds like there's a ton of work to get done.

Heheheh - I forgot to tell you, Carol, when I was cutting the trees yesterday I had this evil thought of running down to the dollar store for some of that hallowe'en bloody makeup....letting out a shriek in the middle of chainsawing...and seeing first hand how you react in a crisis. Decided I loved Saints too much to risk getting forever banned from the property. But it was tempting!


I noticed you didn't mention a shower in your full day but if you have time, you are welcome to stop by the old srompin' grounds to grab one here!