Rescue Journal

just in case anyone thinks i am having fun today....

Alison  ·  Oct. 23, 2006

I Am Not! Today is torture all my favorite animals day...

Carl is having his neuter. And what is with the expectation that farmers help vets wrestle and subdue their livestock for treaments and proceedures? I think they should bring their own wrestling staff with them. i am not a farmer, i am a cowardly, chicken hearted, rescuer who does not like to see her rescued animals upset and angry, esp. if i am in the same vicinity. it has taken me months to build up enough trust to get carl to take a carrot from my fingers...gee there goes that friendship in one foul blow. and why couldn't carl have either already been neutered in his past somewhere or a girl instead!!!!!

Samantha is coming to tune up and groom some of the frail little guys...jack and cedric are both going to have heart attacks because they do not like being tuned up and pretty. but...nails are getting too long, hair is becoming tangled and since they apparently are hanging around here for awhile more they have to at least be reasonably well cared for and that means nails and tangles gotta be fixed. Everytime i start messing with these guys they start the "better stop or we might die right this second" scare tactics....and these unfair, bullying tactics happen to work, by the time we are done, i will have a bleeding ulcer and need a hospital bed myself.

yesterday was such a very good day, why can't i just skip today and go straight to tomorrow!!!!



i was wrong...sam is coming on wed. no andy this time around...he gets a full body shave once a year,,,since i have to drug and lassoo him that is enough trauma to last for 365 days for both of us,


Is sam going to attempt to cut andy's hair tomorrow? On saturday he ran straight into my legs, because his bangs are too long, it was very cute but sad cause he was soo startled.


I thought he managed amazingly well (mind you, I arrived just after he'd been given the first of the sedatives), and I was astounded by how quickly he was up and walking around.
You'll know he's forgiven you when he starts nuzzling up for his carrots again!
It's a relief to have it over with - I hope Martin's goes as smoothly next spring.


carl managed quite well...i felt bad tho, he was so helpless against our determination to get this done. worry number 422 off my plate. sorry carl, please forgive the necessary assualt upon your person. hopefully you got enough drugs for it just to be a bad dream that never really happened.


Just go into the new rabbit room, take some deep breaths, and remember why we do what we do. Before you know it, the day will be over, the animals will have survived their torture, Carl will be back to eating carrots from your hand, Jack will be capitalizing on her drama queen role by insisting on lots of attention and cookies, and Cedric will be snoozing warm, clean and tangle free under his fleece sweater.