Rescue Journal

ummm.. I just took my dogs for a walk.

Nicole  ·  Oct. 23, 2006

Okay it wasn't really a walk, cause it was only 6 houses away, but still, i was excited for both of them.
Ozzie was a little annoyed because of the incredibly slow pace walked at and the many long pauses we took, but she was happy to sniff around.
Honey surprised me, I thought she would be 'honey' slow an sniffing everything, but when we turned around to come back I think she was confused as she planted it after that. Then it was a lot of slow steps.
Ozzie decided to walk herself back and she walked right back to the house, checked the gate which was shut and then just stood on the front lawn until Honey and I slowly walked back. maybe tomorrow we will try for 7.



you have more patience than i nicole...after that adventure, i would be looking at daily walks to the gate and back!


Way to go, Honey and Ozzie - your world is expanding!

Sounds like Ozzie knows exactly where "home" is now :).