Rescue Journal

freddy's fan club is growing

Alison  ·  Oct. 28, 2006

both mo and jean want us to keep him...i don't think that is an option...but he sure likes his new room with it's prettily padded floor (thx jean and caroline) is bringing him a wardrobe box tomorrow to make him a safe place to go inside and under which he likes to do....i just spent an hour with him watching him kill a little brown dog, 2 turtles and a cow. every once in awhile he would suddenly leap into the air and several times came really close to grabbing that fly. he can't walk worth a crap, but he can chase fly's...go figure. what a happy little cat...constantly up for a cuddle or a game (or a snack)...amazing that he can suffer that kind of profound and devastating damage and pick himself up and not only keep going but have fun while he does it too. rachel told me she was feeling some pressure from her co-oworkers to consider his quality of life and maybe think about euth. she was interested in my opinion on this after getting a chance to observe him for a few days... lol...there is NOTHING wrong with his quality of life, he is happy and joyful, he is adventuresome and interactive, he is interested and he is expanding his horizons...nothing wrong with that kind of life even if it is all experienced and participated in with a lot more challenge than most other cats. freddy is quite the guy.



Freddy is da bomb! What a sweet, happy cat he is. Not so into vacuum cleaners, but hey.......


lol...purpose and value...they all find that here..freddy will be a great teacher for many things even if he is only here for a couple of weeks.


Watching Freddie when he noticed the fly showed me that this cat is as normal as he thinks he is. He just can't walk but he certainly is lively, snuggly, interested in the world around him and loves a good conversation and a prey stuck in the room with him.
I loved spending time with him, he's a flirt and certainly appreciated being pampered with a new floor and attention.
If Freddie were in pain I think quality of life would come into question, however it seems to me that the only problem with Freddie at this time is that he might make some humans uncomfortable with his challenging way to get around. I don't want to call it a disability because I didn't get the impression that Freddie thought of himself as disabled. The fly certainly didn't either! I'm surprised if that thing hasn't been eaten by the Fredster yet!!


ummm... i vote to keep him too.
But in case we can't please let me show his foster mom how to do a body wrap on him. I think she will find the wrap really beneficial for him. He was our demo cat for ttouch and a great learning cat.