Rescue Journal

Cedric speaks....

Alison  ·  Nov. 2, 2006

The hardest thing about being old is being afraid. I have been cold and alone, wandering the streets in the dark and the rain. I have been picked up by strangers and left inside a hard cement cage. I did not know anyone, I could not see the light and I was cold and afraid. My leg hurt and my teeth chattered and my body shook til I thought I would break. I wanted so badly to be somewhere safe. I wanted someone to hold my face in their hands, and lay me upon a soft bed and tell me not to be afraid. I wanted to be warm and not afraid anymore and all I could do was wait. My name is Cedric and I did not die in that place and I am no longer afraid. I am warm and my face is held in gentle hands and I hear words of kindness surround me. I am Cedric and I will not die afraid.

adopt or foster a senior animal from your local shelter, help them to feel safe too.



a friend told me that ceddy would not have made it out of their really great, low kill shelter...too old, too sick, too utterly wrecked and i felt my heart drop because while all those things are true, for the past six months here, ceddy has been happy. some meds, some patience, sometimes an extra fleece jacket (or two), a fireplace and alot of timbits, and ceddy thinks his life is not so bad and tomorrow is worth waking up for.
maybe he won't be here in a month or a year, but a month or a year extra that he feels ok in and he is asking like oliver twist, can i have some more (timbits) please?, that is a good thing, yes?


Oh my Cedric, you sure have a way with words. In a past life perhaps you were a Novelist!!! I am so glad you have found a safe warm place.


Hey Cedric, you write really well! You should do an article for the Post newspaper!
I'm so glad you found a place to feel safe. You are one very special boy, Ceddy.
If only people who bought puppies realized how much they are missing out on when they overlook the wonderful animals in rescues and shelters.