Rescue Journal

saints officially welcomes thomas as our newest saint

Alison  ·  Nov. 2, 2006

we had hoped that by pulling him from the pound before a decision to euth was reached that he would only be transitory and we could move him to a border collie rescue for appropriate re-homing with experience of his breed. he is pretty healthy and un-defective for here. alas, 2 more border collies in another risky shelter situation have taken priority with the breed rescue and we are glad that they will be safe now too. so lovely, lovely st. thomas will be staying with us until we can find him a home. thomas is a phenomenally great dog and will make someone really special a fabulous life long companion. he is 8-10 years old and will be neutered on monday. he is good with all the dogs, all the cats, and all the farm animals and is a cuddle pup with humans too. let's everyone talk him around and try to get him in the great and permanent home that he truly deserves as soon as we can.

welcome thomas, we are secretly glad you are staying for awhile longer.



lol...old not dead...and soon to be neutered cuz little miss jack is too old and sick to be spayed and she is not interested in physical relationships anymore...all she cares about is what are you eating, how can she get some and when are we going to bed (to sleep).


Michael, Schmichael! Thomas only has eyes for Bill.....although he seemed to think Miss Jack was pretty hot, too.
Welcome Thomas, you are a beautiful addition to a very special place.


Welcome Thomas, I'm so glad you have found such a safe resting place. Enjoy all the timbits, brownies and romps in the field. Saints is truly a happy home!!!

P.S Micheal is really ok once you get to know him!!!


Welcome, welcome, welcome Thomas! And I make no secret of being glad you are staying at SAINTS a bit longer - I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. That said, placing you in a forever home will be cause for celebration, just as it is for any of the adoptable SAINTS.