Rescue Journal

let's have some fun here....

Alison  ·  Nov. 4, 2006

pick the saints animals ( or one of your own) that you think you are the most like and tell us why AND pick the animal you would most like to be like and why...i will go first.

i am most like jazz because i am stubborn, and determined, and mule-headed...i don't see or hear really well anymore ( or maybe i just don't want to), and we won't even talk about leaking. i like almost everyone i meet, but if someone bites my butt, they may not live to see another day. i love cookies, i like to be hugged and i like the occasional adventure. i am a bit of an ox, and more than a bit of a tank and i march to the tune of my very own drum. jazz is a survivor, and so am i. i think i might be more like jazz than any of the others.

the one i would most like to be like tho is lola. she is kind, and friendly and trusting. she never gets her knickers in a knot and she still likes to play. she is completely happy with herself and where she is in her life and she is at peace with who she is. lola is full of grace.

i should say tho, that my hair is more like pippa's.



not really sure about me -
a little daisy and a wee bit andy, but i'd like to be a little more lexie.
unfortunately i don't really know the other species well enough to do any comparisions there.


Well yes you are a lot like Freddy, Lisa. Definatly playful, affectionate, and you both sparkle when happy. Your hair sometimes resembles his to! but much cleaner! :)
Thank you Carol, you're sweet to. I'm a faerie cat!
As to who I would like to be??? We don't have any ducks, a duck would be a good thing to be right now. They like rain. Yes if we had a duck i would want to be the duck.


I expect this will go twice :-P Puter is being silly. I guess I am most like Freddie in the mornings because I stagger about a lot. In fact, I think I am like Freddie a lot of the time which is why I love him so much - playful, affectionate, determined and I never know when to slow down until I drop! :) Other than that, Julie can choose!!! :)


Yes Cole was my first thought..but you put it in much better words than I could. After thinking of all the guys... I've figured out I'd like to be more like is Tira.. just knowing her..wouldn't we all want to be so happy & fun loving..all the time


ok...julie is right on the money with sunny, sweet, sweet , sweet but inheritently shy, a little other-worldly, fairy -like too..and mo already picked the one most like is cole..not cole the enforcer of cole-type rules...but cole the free and independent spirit who needs the freedom to take care of his business (he skulks the property for a living, mo works, here and at her paid job too)...cole breathes deep in the smell of freedom and so does mo. and neither one of them get bogged down in the pettiness of life, they just turn a corner and seek their own world that is free and open and pure.
and i don\'t know who\'d they both like to be like...i suspect gideon for mo,..julie is a mystery.


Oh heavens to bunnies! I have no idea! hmm... Sunny maybe? Shy, isn't all that crazy about change, loving with the people I trust.. that's like Sunny.. hmm.. my hair matches Spritely!.. brain wandered off to other places. I will get back to you. Or perhaps you all to me???


Okay Nicole and Mo and the rest of the volunteers - I really, really wanna hear which animal you are most like now, and would most like to be like.


I can't play this game because I don't know all the animals well enough but come on Carol give us more. If all your amazing volunteers won't jump in you tell us who they are the most alike. I love it!!!!!


I am most like Petunia..I am pig headed and we couldn't of gone as far as we have if sheer stubborness hadn't carried us past giving up. We both love taste sensations and my hairy legs at this point resemble her brisltes. ;o)


LOL - I hadn't thought about Freddy hitting his head against the wall....but that means I'm already part way to becoming like him, 'cause most days I'm doing that too!

I guess I better get to know Maple - the only bunny I know by name is Gracie.


and don't even bother whining that i picked a crippled rabbit for you...she is phenomenol and is full of grace too. and i picked a leaky blind rotti for myself, i'd rather be the rabbit.


you are only allowed to pick one not twenty! you won't get this because you don't know her that well. but i think you are like maple. maple is little, and vulnerable because she is a rabbit (ok you are not a rabbit, but your are a female, and that can be hard too) and while she is crippled (ok again, you are not crippled but i bet life has whacked you a few times like the rest of us) she still owns her world. she made her place and she did it on her own terms and she fits there, right where she belongs. and maple is way stronger and more self sufficient than the world would think at first glance. i think that is like you. AND i think she is adorable too!

and why did you pick freddy?...he keeps hitting his head against the wall!


Oh sheesh, Carol, Jazz and you do sound like twins!!!! LOL!
But what a task you've given us. I had to use a process of elimination, and kept finding I have things in common with many of them, but none were just like me. (I'd be curious to know which one YOU think I'm most like - and why?)
Scarily, I seem to be most similar to Copper and Phoebe - yikes! Copper because I like to do my own thing (even when I know I should be doing something else), I have a mind of my own, I can make quite a noise when I think I've been treated unfairly or I'm feeling neglected, and I get along with most people though I'm equally happy with my own company off on my own adventures. Phoebe because I can make a lot of noise, I feel like I'm flying all over the place, I can snap when someone really pisses me off, I'm generally quite bright and curious, and I can also be loving and well behaved when I feel like it. I'm also a bit like Edna (had the feathers picked off me, but have come back stronger than ever and can stand up to nasty roosters like Hank); Carl (fiercely protective of those I love and/or feel responsibility for, cautious of strangers, a bit stand-offish at times, curious and vigilent, don't like to be penned in); and Petunia (love food, hate exercise, don't like change, like to have my home exactly the way I want it and to rearrange it as the mood hits me, accept the occasional display of affection from others but can also be darned cranky if people bug me when I don't want to be bugged).

I think I'd most like to be like Freddy: courageous, funny, loving, willing to struggle on against all odds, playful, accepting whatever life offers and working with it the best I can, and taking each day at a time.