Rescue Journal


Jean  ·  Nov. 4, 2006

I spent the morning with our youngest volunteer, a thirteen year old, who mucked out very dirty barn stalls, brought in several wheelbarrels full of fresh woodchips, and spent time cuddling Pippa and Freddy.

I remember a day in my teen years (back in the early 60s) when some adults were busy complaining in front of me and my friends about how terrible the "teens of today" are. And I remember my dad responding with "Teenagers are a lot like airplanes - you only hear about the ones that crash". And then he went on to tell them about some of the positive things my friends and I were involved with. I've never forgotten his words.

So, with that in mind, I thought it appropriate that I let our blog readers know about one great teen who got up early on a Saturday morning and voluntarily chose to come to SAINTS to work without complaint and without compensation in the pouring rain. Thanks Rochelle!