Rescue Journal

i have this really big, fat spider above the computer desk.

Alison  ·  Nov. 8, 2006

she has been there all summer and never moves. she looks like she is dead except she gets a bit fatter as time goes on and is now changing color. i have to say she is one of the creepiest and most unattractive looking spiders i have ever seen. but she appears to be content with herself and her lot in life. i wonder if she is now a permanent resident and if i should add her to the count. this morning i decided that she needed a name, so saints welcomes mildred who wasn't invited but moved on in here anyway. i like her cuz she is quiet and doesn't move around.

i wonder,,,do you think spiders who don't move much, get tired of hanging around upside down?



She's getting bigger huh? May not just be all the bon bons. Watch out for an egg sack. Then your numbers will really increase. lol


right now she is toxic orange...yesterday she was beige...i have no idea what she will be tomorrow, maybe brown...i had one over my kitchen sink for almost 2 years at my old house...when my husband and i split, he promised she could stay there...i think he lied.


Hey was she pale in colour &, with dark stripes ? I made friends with a spider once... we were sharing an empty house & it was comforting at times to know she was there. When she went missing I didn't feel to bad because I'd known her for quite some time & I don't think spiders have a long life span (although I could be wrong)in any case... it was nice to get to know her & when I see a spider that looks like her, I always remember that time in my life and I think it's funny that a spider would end up meaning so much to me.. back then... and even now,every time I see one like her.


Waaaaahhhhaaaa!!! Do ya really think 4 measley flies are going to see her through the winter????

Dream on.....:)

"Itsy bitsy spider climbed up upon the bed...."

Sweet dreams,


you are not freaking me out jez...she has four fly's and a bunch of other little crispy critters stashed in her web to see her thru the winter....but no one mess with her food stash just in case!


Let's spiders get tired of hanging around upside down? Well, now that its cold and there are less bugs to eat hangin' around her windowsill, she may venture out in search of food in the evening and crawl into your bed and have a snack - ON YOU. :)

Just a little though from someone who is apparently very tasty to Spiders.

love and moonbeams,


Tell her to move , that is is not a good spot any more.. mine moved from the kitchen window when i told her.. Mines name is Charlotte.. of course.


Mildred? Suits!!! And she is too big to be a boy spider. If I were a spider and lived with all these kitties, I would be VERY reluctant to move!!!! ;-)


Mildred hey what.. well why not, perhaps she likes the name. She was pretty active until about a month ago, pottering in her little corner. There must be a spider rescue out there someplace.. newest species direction maybe? or maybe not. right ok I was doing something usefull, what the heck was it?


Hi Mildred!! Welcome!!
(Carol, just wait till she and her two thousand babies start crawling around.... heheheheh!).
Hmmmmm....maybe we should gently move her to Petunia's stall....we could have a new "Charlotte's web" in the making! (except we would never try to send Petunia to market like the farmer in Charlotte's Web did!).