Rescue Journal

tonights walk and what were we thinking

Alison  ·  Nov. 9, 2006

maude joined us on a flexi-leash. she is pretty fast and agile. she thinks she is supposed to chase sheep, llama's and donkeys. i think i have whiplash.

thomas thinks the plastic blue handle of the flexi-leash has something to do with him. i don't know how many times i fell over him as he silently circled me to keep that blue thing within an inch of his nose. i think he should go find something else to stare at.

carl thinks new dogs on flexi leashes are dangerous and once he thought about it for a minute he stopped running and started charging instead. i was still falling over thomas with his blue plastic fetish and thinking holy shit.

phoebe thought the whole thing was vastly entertaining and moses thought he better get out of that field quick.

cole thought it was a perfect opportunity to slip unnoticed out thru the fence.

gideon thought it was dinner time and would follow along til i headed back towards the barn and spritely and swinger and the donkeys and the sheep thought they better follow gideon in case he knew something they didn't.

i thought maybe we would call it a day. all the dogs except phoebe thought it was a bad idea to try to slip thru the backyard gate that was currently surrounded by the hungry barn guys.

they were probably right, but i just wanted to go home.


Chris Thomas

You should hear Deb's rant about flexi-leashes! Sounds like you have had an event-filled day!