Rescue Journal

What not to do when transporting animals

Jean  ·  Nov. 11, 2006

I have Thomas staying at my place at the moment. Since things are a little tense between Isaac and Thomas, I left them in separate areas of the house while I went over to SAINTS this morning to work on the bunny room.

However, those of you who remember Isaac's incident with my bathroom door will recall that Isaac does not care for closed doors or gates, so at noon I ran home to check on them and to bring Thomas back over to SAINTS for the afternoon.

I parked the car at the top of my driveway outside the gate so I wouldn't have to open and close the gate twice as I planned only to be there long enough to let the dogs pee and to load Thomas in my car. The top of the driveway is at the crest of a hill on a fairly busy road.

I bundled Thomas into the back seat of my car, closed the door, and as I started to open my front car door I realize there is one HUGE angry cat and dog fight going on in my car. I had forgotten that Eva had put Frodo, SAINTS outdoor cat who now lives with the bunnies, in my car to keep him safe and warm while we were working. He must have been sound asleep in the back while I drove home, but woke with a start when Thomas barged in.

Hissing, scratching, claws flying, fur flying, Thomas squealing - without thinking, I re-opened the back door of the car - and out flew two crazed fighting terrified animals - right near the edge of the busy road.

Aside from losing ten year off my life, all's well that ends well. I was able to stomp on Thomas's leash before he could run, and caught Frodo mid-air, though with a few claws extended, for which I have the scars to show. Cr*p, who'd have thought cat claws could penetrate a fleece vest, a flannel shirt, a teeshirt and a bra........Frodo, THAT HURT!!!

A shaken Thomas was returned to my kitchen (much to Isaac's disgust), and Frodo stood on the back seat of my car, paws on the window, meowing angrily all the way back to SAINTS.

Reminder to self......always check the car for a stray cat or two before loading a dog in. And never leave SAINTS without making sure you don't have a hitchhiker sleeping in the back.



Sheesh, pretty soon ALL the animals at SAINTS will be mad at me - Petunia for putting her on house arrest while I work in the barn; Copper for not taking him to the park lately; Thomas for stressing him out with Isaac and then with Frodo; Frodo for throwing a dog in the car with him;...who else can I piss off? I'm gonna have to stock up on treats and bribe my way back into their hearts - either that or stop coming over!