Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Nov. 12, 2006

To Jean, John, Cathy, Mo, Nicole, Melissa (and her mom), Julie and Jean's teenage neighbor (sorry, i am brain dead) and of course Eva for all the hard work, cleaning house and shed and barn and yard, for the cookies, treats, walks, baths and cuddles for all our saints and for our very special rabbit room. it is done, the bunnies are finally at home (and yes jean, i did put the latches on crooked but they work!) and they are happy!!!!!

i however am just this side of dead.



LOL - that's my Copper!! No I didn't see that - but it figures. Copper loves two things: food and walks. Problem is, HE decides which he wants when. He is master of his own universe, that one!


sorry rochelle (this is what happens when you get old)...and jean...did you by any chance witness coppers walk? it was not typical cuz he wouldn't let go of his chew stick. he kept trying to lay down in the field for a good long chew and rochelle was gamely trying to get that fat little bugger to walk. he got more exercise on the couch yesterday throwing a supreme fit whenever any of the dogs dared look at him or his prize. he is such a little greedy toad.


There's a good idea - a bunny house warming party!!! I'll try to restrain myself from fixing the latches so the gates line up correctly.

The name you couldn't remember is Rochelle - thanks, Rochelle for pooper scooping and for walking Pippa, Murphy and Copper. Gotta warn you, Rochelle - once Copper learns you take him for walks, he will expect it every visit - And if he doesn't get one, you'll hear him telling the world about it for the next three hours!


Glad the bunnkins finally have thier new appartments. I'm sure they will love them to bits. Of course now that they do have thier new appartments they might just throw a bunny party!