Rescue Journal

wow...i should go out for dinner more often and exercise my brain!

Alison  ·  Nov. 12, 2006

i got home by 1030 and had to re-wash most of the floors, plus there were still 8 loads of laundry left from today too. i put on a dvd of the fiddler on the roof ( it is great to mop floors with and fun to watch while folding linen)and got right down to it. in between the loads, i decided to clean out my dresser drawers. it was almost 3 am before i realized i better get to bed cuz we are finishing the rabbit room today and there is alot to be done as usual, including a very large dump run (yikes). i forgot to set my alarm, woke up at 8 am and gee, the place looks not half bad! i feel good and i have enough time to go do a feed run for the barn before our very special bunny dream procurers actually arrive. this is amazing, i gotta get out more often!



Do what my first year Philosophy professor (spelled backward, that is r-o-s-s-e-f-o-r-p) did. Stand at the top of a flight of stairs and toss the papers. If the paper landed on the top step, A+, bottom step, D-.

My best grade from Mr. Oh-God-I-Am-So-Important was an A. Final exam, one question, "Why?" My answer, "Why not?"


And I should go out less often.... I got home same time as Carol, was wired from all that thinking and laughing so stayed up trying to wind down by watching really boring tv and surfing the net, went to bed at 1:30 AM....and at 2:30 Isaac had a seizure and needed my attention for the next two hours while I cleaned up his poop, helped prevent him for injuring himself as the stumbled about, tried to calm his anxieties, and tried to keep Thomas and Charley out of his face. I crawled back to bed at 4:30, and Charley woke me by bouncing around the bed at 5:00, which is our usual time to get up. Today I am dragging butt, brain dead, and really need to finish a rabbit room, do laundry and housework and mark a bunch of my students' essays, as well as prepare lunch for my best friend of over 50 years, who is visiting this area from out of town.
I think I need to clone myself. Or just not go out for dinner. Or let Carol mark the assignments while I build the rabbit room - I wonder if my students would know???