Rescue Journal

baby jack

Alison  ·  Nov. 14, 2006

the vet just left, said all of baby's joints move well and feel normal...he said trhere is a huge mass of scar tissue right thru the groin muscle from the horrible injury last year when he got caught in the barbed wire fence at the old place ( i hate barbed wire!)...the scar tissue, with the cold wet weather and probable permanent nerve damage...that might explain why he is in pain right now, good thing cuz he out and out refused to give jack a bilateral hip replacement like i thought he needed. so he stays on the 6 aspirin a day and we'll see how he does.

the vet really liked the bunny room, it is nicer than his office! ha ha. he said baby jack is in great shape and i would die if i drove around with him and saw how some of these farm animals (esp. sheep) are cared for (or not). so sad, they are such lovely, peaceful and gentle creatures...perfect victims i suppose for mankind to exploit unfairly and their wooly coats hide a multiple of sins.

even grammy who came from a pet home looks so much better since she got here. i know it is horribly expensive to feed them and give them good care including good medical, but isn't that the price we pay for their service? next life, i am a sheep advocate!



swinger is the gomer pyle of the horse world...he has almost knocked me off my feet countless times with his goofy, hard headed "how the heck are ya?"


Aw, I'm glad there's nothing seriously wrong for Baby Jack - he (and all the sheep) is such a good sheep, so cute. Kissy was quite perturbed when I put Baby Jack in the barn and wouldn't let her in too - she was almost as pushy as those trouble-maker donkeys. I suspect she was less anxious about Baby Jack than she was about the sheep food I was using to lure him into the barn!!
And the donkeys and horses were positive that 3:00 was a perfectly good time to head to the barn for dinner! I just love those critters - they make me laugh so much! Even Swinger, who hardly knows me, had to give me a couple of good hard butts with his head to let me know what he thought of the situation.