Rescue Journal

Aaarrgh! I need a new car!

Jean  ·  Nov. 15, 2006

Whoever designed the 97 Pathfinder didn't have large, old wrecked dogs to transport. Twice this week I've run into trouble getting the crippled guys into the vehicle - first returning Thomas home to SAINTS and today trying to get Isaac to the vets. The door to the back seat is too narrow and too awkwardly placed, and the rear of the car is far too high at over 30" (half my own height!). Neither area works with the dog ramp, the dogs can't get in by themselves, and I can't lift them without hurting them or hurting myself.

Guess I need to add a new vehicle to my wish list.....right after the awesome power mitre saw John taught me to use this weekend...and a bunch of other power tools....and a portable workbench...hmmm, think I'll stick to the handiperson role. Someone else can take Isaac to the vet.


Murphy Phoebe

Hey! Hide everyone - Carol's sending us all to the vet in the fright-mobile with the vicious grey cat named Frodo....the one Thomas told us about...Ruuuuuuuuunnnn!!!!!!! (Murphy, Buddy)

Car ride?? I get to go for a car ride????????? oh boy oh boy oh boy!!! (Phoebe)

Grump, grump. grump.... get outta my face...I'm not going anywhere. (Michael)


fine, phoebe, murphy, buddy and michael can all hitch a ride with you tomorrow. thx.


Well, that's the technique I usually use with dogs, and tried to use to lift Isaac into the back of the vehicle, figuring it would keep his cervical area the most stable. That was when he squealed and snapped at me....guess it didn't do the trick. And my arms barely reach around him, which didn't help matters any - nor did needing to lift him one half my height. In my next life I'm going to be at least 6 feet tall....or a dog.

I'll make a deal with you....I'll be responsible for taking the little ones to the vet, and you can take the big ones. Besides, your van is a whole lot more accessible for crippled old guys than my Pathfinder.


having been bitten a few times too many by animals in pain...the safest way to lift them is with one arm around their chest and one arm around their tail and cradle them against your chest...i can lift up to an 80 pound dog that way...any bigger tho and my arms aren't long enough. my arms are alot longer than yours jean, you should maybe stick to pippa or jack!


i feel your pain. my 2 door blazer isn't large, old wrecked dog friendly either. Honey, I usually lift, which she hates and Ozzie, well it is a sad wobble up the way-too-steep ramp, with me carrying most of her weight and on the way back down the ramp, it's the same story, butmore awkward.