Rescue Journal

the saintly sickly ones (and the ones who aren't)

Alison  ·  Nov. 15, 2006

so on the sick list this week are ogidie, michael, cedric, panda and jessica. the only one's who are on the watch really closely list are ogidie and michael. i think ogie is getting ready to leave. i am not sure how the cats and i will do without uncle ogidie, he makes all of us feel warm inside. i briefly imagined the kitchen without our favorite little troll and felt sick inside. every house needs a troll and michael is the very best house troll in town. we just would not be saints without him!

and for those who aren't??? well gee, that would be 14 yr old maude who i just chased from here to Eva's, back to here and then down past the school til i lost her. as she whizzed past me THREE times, i got a miilisecond hello thump with her feet but she was way to fast to grab. that dog is faster than phoebe and more agile than a snake....and just about as trustworthy too. anyway, she eventually got tired of the around the world in 90 seconds thing and met me halfway home. i snapped on a leash, told her she was a good girl (when i was really thinking she was a pain in the butt) and she walked into the house and headed straight for bed (mine!) apparently when you are an elderly senior dog who can run like the wind and jump thru fences in a single bound, you need a nap after your exertions.



I;m sorry Carol that micheal and Ogidie aren't well. Please give them a timbit from me.


Hmmmm....a daisy won't work for Maude since she can just fly over fences. I know - we'll anchor Maude to Copper; they both like to run, but it's darn hard to leap fences when you're dragging a tubby beagle who's wearing a daisy collar!