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Alison  ·  Nov. 17, 2006

thomas goes today and already a call on a ten year old lab to be euth'd at the vets for separation anxiety. we have to decide by the end of today if she can come. if not, she is dead. i have Kathy calling trying to find another rescue to take her. She is healthy, small and a sweet, sweet dog according to the vet.

too full, too many, not old enough, not sick enough, not a palliative senior who does not want to die alone in a shelter somewhere.... just a sweet, middle aged dog who gets scared sometimes. life for animals really sucks. it sucks for me too. i can't afford a freaked out dog right now, phoebe, murphy and maudie are our head cases that need us to concentrate on them. i don't want to take on a new one. and i didn't want to take on phoebe or murphy or maudie either. there are alot of animals here that i really did not want to take in. i want the shamus's, and the bill's, and the cedric's and the jack's, the saul's and the philip's, the ones who actually meet our mandate.

and rescue is never about what you want. you take in animals who need you. you pass on the heart throbs that someone else is willing to take. you turn away from the ones that touch you to your toes if another offers them a place. you take the ones that will give you a headache or be a nightmare to place or will eat the wall that you just got fixed. you take the ones that are incontinent, and the ones that will cost a fortune, and the ones that may bite you if you aren't careful or the ones that may be under your feet until the day they die. and you love them. you love the ones that you don't want and the ones that you don't have room for. you love the ones that make loving them hard and the ones that make you almost insane. you love them and you take them because if you don't they die.

and that really does put things into perspective.



i believe i'm picking her (sandy) up tomorrow morning, so she will have the afternoon to hang out with us.
i will mention to her about the pizza bribe.

Chris Thomas

Jean - are you part of the new board as well? I can post your write up there once you put it on brindle if that is ok.


Okay...still can't figure out how to edit my comments...I meant to add: Carol, I'll plan on being over there tomorrow afternoon so at least she'll have someone with her for the first few hours (assuming we can't find another placement for her).


I will be posting it on the urgent forum on Brindle. Everyone keep their fingers and paws and hoofs crossed that another rescue will be able to help this girl. I'm just getting the details from Kathy now.


kathy couldn't find anyone else to help this girl. i guess we are "it" again. welcome whoever you are. kathy will bring her here tomorrow on my lunch break, this will suck as far as smooth transitions go. please don't eat the house or freak out when i go back to work. i will order pizza for dinner if you are good. (ok, i'll order it even if you are not good, but be good anyway, sigh)

going to bed now before anyone else tries to break in.