Rescue Journal

Gosh I am stressed today.

Alison  ·  Nov. 18, 2006

we welcome Sandy...what a sweetie!!!! she does look like a blond bat, giant, sticky up ears, soft, soft, silky soft fur, gentle little kisses, and big brown eyes. but she is still a new dog and that adds stress.

the little guys are being total jerks tonight. buddy went after jack, wilbur went after cedric. i think it is all the whining and howling from maudie and sandy when no one is here....more stress.

Eva was upset when i got home (because she snuck over here on her day off to check on her beloved bunnies), the bunnies were too cold, their water and food bowls were too full and had wood chips in them. so much for giving her a day off from here. now she won't trust us to look after them on her days off anymore, ok so we suck at rabbitry...we'll get better and i want her to take a day off before she kills herself, she works too hard.

pause is sick (he is my cat) and i am having to force feed him and he is a jerk and bites hard when you do stuff he doesn't like, he actually only tolerates me under the best of circumstances, he likes everyone else, but not me all that much. sigh. he was my daughters cat but he pees everywhere so when i opened saints my ex made pause come with me. pause thinks it is my fault he lost his home. it was someone elses! anyway, i am worried, he is getting old. and i like him even if he doesn't like me.

chris had cabbage rolls for me tonight, i had to rush home because of sandy (the new girl) so i can't get them til tomorrow. and no pizza tonight cuz sandy is too stressed and probably won't eat any and we might as well wait til she can have some too. no point in wasting a pizza night.

thomas is in at the vets. his new family took him in for a check and he apparently has been licking at his neuter incision ( i am ashamed to say i honestly didn't notice, everything looked good on that incision initially and then he went off to jeans and came back and i have been so busy here and at work that i didn't see him at it) but he was. so he has a seroma now (fluid in the sacs) and it needs to be drained and cleaned up. we are covering all costs and luckily i have worked closely with the attending vet so i know she is really good. i am worried now that with his bladder infection that won't clear, despite weeks of antibiotics and the problem he is having post neuter (while still on antibiotics), that his immune system is crashing. the vet is doing bloodwork in case it is an underlying serious problem like kidneys or cancer. we are in close touch with both the vet and his new family and we will have to wait and see how this all plays out. they sure are nice, nice people! but i am just sick inside that thomas is STILL having a rough time of it all. he probably thinks that being rescued just sucks. poor boy, i am so sorry thomas.

i really gotta reconsider my passion, here. maybe i should quit with the whole rescue thing and take up painting instead. i could paint pictures of the pond in the various seasons. maybe that would be less stressful, maybe i would be better at it.


Chris Thomas

Ahh, but the pond comes and pond goes. It would not be any fun painting a picture of mud in the summer.


pond painting doesn't have to be perfect. you can let it get too dry or smear it by accident or forget where you put the brushes.who cares? if you don't like the picture you can just toss it out. it is the moment just before you start to wreck it that is important. unfortunately, i can't toss out the animals when i get it wrong, (well i could, but they wouldn't stay there, they like to haunt me.) anyway, it is just a pipe dream...i am not a pond painter, i actually can't draw worth a crap. next life tho, i might give it a shot. i will suck it up like you said but pond painting is more appealing. it is a nice pond you know.


I wanted to add that I will be sending lots of positive thoughts and hoping Thomas's tests come back okay. Let's hope this is just a rough patch and I think he's very happy to have landed at Saints on his way to his forever family!! Fingers crossed


You know Carol that exact same thing happened to Murphy after he was neutered WHILE he was at the Vets before I took him home, and he had to stay an extra day. The staff at my Vets is awesome but it's hard to anticipate everything, I guess they didn't realize how partial Murphy was to his genitalia. No hard feelings Murphy forgave them, but he still squats when he pees that I'm a little worried about. He gets pee all over his fur and it is quite disturbing as he doesn't bathe often enough. It happens, nobodies fault, unless of course you forgot to tell Thomas not to lick his absent testicles.


Carol you would suck at painting the wouldn't sit still long'd see something that needs doing or some critter than needs helping and the paint would dry or smear or get rained on or you'd forget where you put the forget it, you're stuck with rescue. Besides you can't desert all your volunteers - we'd kidnap you and drag you back!!!
So go have a bath, get a good night's sleep, suck it up, and get ready to face another day.
Ya know you can do it.