Rescue Journal

the bad and the good

Alison  ·  Nov. 20, 2006

gracie lost the use of her back legs again today. i don't know if it is a stroke or a return of her original weakness from when she came in or if she somehow injured herself. we have separated both gracie and belle from grady in case he has been chasing her around and wearing her down cuz she does feel like she has lost some weight in the last couple of days. we are hoping with some rest and quiet, she will bounce back up again.

thomas is well on the road to recovery. the swelling in his scrotum subsided on it's own and he no longer requires surgery. his bloodwork came back fine and he will finally be beginning his brand new and very special life tomorrow. yay thomas!!!



You're right - I forgot about that, Nicole. I would think that even a move to the wonderful new bunny room would cause some stress for the bunnies for a week or two. Hopefully she will recover soon.

Such good news about Thomas. I wish him a long and happy life.


good to hear thomas doesn't require surgery.
Jean and I thought Gracie was looking a little thin on saturday when we were in there. Hopefully she has a turn around.


Woo Hoo Thomas! Finally you get to live the life of which you always dreamed.