Rescue Journal

think good thoughts

Nicole  ·  Nov. 20, 2006

Tomorrow Ozzie is going in for her fourth surgery this year. Two hematomas and one dental surgery, she going in tomorrow to fix a molar that is cracked and infected.

Please think good thoughts for her as she's had trouble in surgery before and both Honey and I would be lost without her.



I'm so sorry to hear Nicole. I'm thinking good thoughts for you all up here.


Nicole, I'm so sorry this is happening for you and Ozzie. Hugs for you both.


oz's surgery was cancelled. she appears to have been stroking. tough times ahead for ozzie and nicole. nicole, we love you and are hugging you both tight.


Oz is one of my all-time favotite SAINTS. She has the heart of a lion, and she'll be fine, she has to be, you need her.


I will be sending good thoughts tomorrow Nicole.

My old, sweet, baby had surgery today and has to stay at the vet for a couple of days so I know just how you feel.

I am breathing a sigh of relief here tonight as I know you will be tomorrow night.


lol...dave knows ALL our animals are our very favorite of all times and he hates seeing me cry (he would hate even more seeing you cry cuz he is kind of used to me but he is not used to your tears so you are in a good position here)
he is a gifted and very quick and careful surgeon. ozzie is in the very best of hands. she had no problems with him during the last two surgeries and that dog still has alot of stuffies to chase around.


You both will be getting all my good thoughts tomorrow. That is a great picture of her... I miss seeing her , but it sure is nice to think about her living the grand life with you , your family & honey.


I have my fingers crossed as well Nicole. I can imagine you must be very worried! I'm sending lots of positive thoughts your way, please keep us posted!


Paws and fingers crossed here Nicole....we will be sending good, good vibes her way. Ozzie has every reason to come through just fine - she loves you and she knows you love her.